Elderly couple tampers with boxes of Jell-O for money…Why?

March 29, 2010

Can you pass the kibble and bits? I think I will have your finest bottle of toilet water...

The things people have to do for money are staggering.  One thing that will get me to start working is the thought that without the job, you are on welfare, or worse.  The specter of losing my job drives me to work harder.  In fact, during my spring break, I am going to go into the office and crack out a bunch of work. Plus, I have to work for my future.  The blog is not is not going to pay for my old age and bad habits.

But, growing old is not something that you should fear.  If you plan properly, you can insure that your future is taken care of.  Some people are not willing to think ahead.  But, make sure you have a plan. According to the NY Post, one way that you can plan for your future is crime and/or pudding.

Check your boxes of pudding....

The proof was in the pudding.

An elderly Long Island husband and wife were busted yesterday for tampering with boxes of Jell-O pudding — replacing the contents with sand and salt and then returning them to stores for the $1.40-a-pop refund, officials said.

Alexander Clement, 68, and his wife, Christine Clement, 64, of East Northport disposed of the evidence afterward — by cooking up and eating the contents of the boxes they had emptied, authorities said.

Their puddings of choice? Pistachio and butterscotch.

Police said the couple struck four stores a total of five times. Christine would buy about 10 boxes each time. Her hubby was the driver.

NO DESSERT FOR YOU: Alexander and Christine Clement  allegedly tampered with Jell-O to get refunds.

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When the pair got home, she allegedly would empty the boxes’ contents and replace them with plastic sandwich bags filled with the sand and salt.

After resealing the boxes, her husband would drive her back to the stores, where she would return them for a refund, police said.

The scheme fell apart after a customer who bought one of the resealed boxes complained. Police traced the boxes back to the Clements.

But authorities said the couple — who are well-off and have been married 40 years — is more to be pitied. Christine Clement is suffering from “an age-related mental issue,” police said.

“This was a bizarre story to begin with, and it just got worse when we found out what happened. It’s sad,” said Suffolk Police Lt. Michael Murphy.

“These aren’t bad people. They never had any problems before. It was a complete aberration. They are very apologetic.”


No, they are bad people.  At least they were not poisoning people like the ones that tamper aspirin, but they are not very far off.  When you have pudding and its a little salty, now you know why.

Also, I am going to be really pissed if I decide to make pudding and there is a bunch of sand or salt.  I am going to go off on someone.

One Response to “Elderly couple tampers with boxes of Jell-O for money…Why?”

  1. tophatal said


    That couple look as if they’ve done their fair share meth amphetamines amongst other opiates and barbiturates no doubt !

    Do you think their main reason was because they’re scared of the healthcare reform bill and what it may well end up costing them ? Or was it that they saw themselves as an elderly version of Bonnie & Clyde ? Next up it’d be robbing banks and holding up liquor stores . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Alan Parkins

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