California Teachers getting pink slips: What is wrong with this picture?

March 15, 2010

I teach.  I do because I can’t…you can fill in the blank in the comment section for shits and giggles.  But, teaching is my profession.  When there is something that affects my profession, I stand up and take notice.  The reason is that I care is that can always be me the other side.  Plus, I care about the profession as a whole.  If there are unqualified teachers, because budget issues run them out to other fields, then that is a threat to me as well.

Huge Increase Expected for Teacher Pink Slips

Posted: // Mar 14, 2010 6:56 PM PDT Sunday, March 14, 2010 9:56 PM EST Updated: // Mar 14, 2010 10:34 PM PDT

This is the fate that teachers all throughout California are facing...


GONZALES, Calif. – The California Teachers’ Association says some 21,000 teachers have already received pink slip notices ahead of a Monday deadline. An estimated $20 billion shortfall in the next few months means more cuts are expected for education.
Diana Medina knows all too well. She received her pink slip on Friday. She’s a third grade teacher at La Gloria Elementary School. But now, in her second year of teaching, she faces an uncertain future.
“This is my community,” says Medina. “This is where I grew up. I came back to help my community out.”
Medina is one of 25 teaches in the Gonzales school district who received pink slips, notifying them they may not return next school year.
“It’s disheartening,” says Medina. “It makes me question what our politicians’ goals are. This isn’t affecting teachers, but it’s affecting our students.”
And it’s even tougher this year, since her district is not alone. More districts along the Central Coast are issuing out more notices than before.
“There has been an increase unfortunately in the number of pink slips issued out this year,” says Monterey County Schools Superintendent Dr. Nancy Kotowski.
And while more teachers may be let go, the Monterey County Office of Education is still hosting their annual job fair in the Spring. With the teacher applicant pool expected to be high, here’s some of the top qualities the office says, it’s looking for:
*Tech-savvy and can use technology in the classroom
*Applies academics to real-word problems
Qualifications Medina hopes she meets or she may have to look elsewhere.
“I understand that we do need to cut back considering the economic hardships,” says Medina. “But I don’t think education needs to be compromised.”
Medina says, the school will call her back in mid-May if they decide to keep her.
The worst part of the equation is that they will look for those who will work the cheapest and have the least amount of education, because they are also easier to get rid of.  This is one of those times where its good to work at a public school, or have a lot of seniority at the public school you work at.  I went the public school route to begin with.  I went to get my credential and did student teaching, so I am familiar with the gauntlet of classes and certifications public school teachers need.  It’s a tough road to hoe for little pay.  Ask yourself this question.  Why would you as a young teacher go to a public school, if you knew the risk is at the end of the year, regardless of your preformance, you were going to get a pink slip?
It would send me running to the private school…

3 Responses to “California Teachers getting pink slips: What is wrong with this picture?”

  1. tophatal said


    A mind is a terrible thing to waste . Now under California law , it will become mandatory.

    The California legislature along with the governor > (Ass_naul) are a bunch of idiots ! I would trust those a_holes to run a lemonade stand much less the fifth largest economy in the world. (Which is what the state of California was once )

    Alan Parkins

  2. chappy81 said

    Wow, that sucks. Before you know it summer breaks are going to be five months long…

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