Too Old Song of the Day — Steady B: Use Me

March 12, 2010

Don't shoot! I'm not armed! Seems like he had foreshadowing working

Since we were in Philly with Freeway yesterday, it got me thinking about another Philadelphia rapper, Steady B.  This man could have used some stimulus help.  This can also be a warning to rappers.  Here is a story of a man with some talent, who went for the quick score.

On January 2, 1996, Steady B, along with C.E.B. band mate Cool C, and another local Philadelphia rapper, Mark Canty, attempted a bank robbery at a PNC bank branch in Philadelphia. During the botched heist, where Steady B served as the getaway driver in a stolen minivan, Philadelphia Police Officer Lauretha Vaird, who responded to the bank’s silent alarm, was shot and killed by Cool C.[2][3] Officer Vaird, an African-American woman and the single mother of two children, was the first female Philadelphia Police officer slain in the line of duty.[4] The incident inspired the song “Slipped Away (The Ballad of Lauretha Vaird)”, which appeared on Philadelphia trio G. Love and Special Sauce‘s album Yeah, It’s That Easy.

Steady B was arrested at his apartment shortly after the bank robbery. Two handguns left at the scene by Cool C and Canty, including the murder weapon, were traced back to Steady, and he eventually confessed his role in the crimes to police during interrogation.[5]

At his trial, the State presented evidence, including testimony from Steady’s wife, that Steady B, Cool C, and Canty met at Steady’s apartment shortly after the robbery, where they watched media coverage of the event on television, and discussed their escape.[5] Incriminating statements by Canty were also admitted into evidence at Steady’s trial.[5]

On October 30, 1996, Steady was convicted of the second degree murder of Officer Vaird.[2] On December 13, 1996, Steady B was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.[5]

You had talent, but you pissed it away, with the people that you hang around with.  Friends will lead you from trouble, not to it.  You have served 14 years of your life in the poke, and you have nothing else to look forward to, but more time.  But, your beat was tight…

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