Too Old Song of the Day Freeway: She Makes Me Feel Alright

March 11, 2010

I could use a couple of dollars if you can spare it...

Last night, I felt lousy when I got home.  Actually, when I got home, I felt good until I turned on the TV.  I saw my alma mater choke and lose the conference championship.  Fortunately, she (my erstwhile girlfriend) made me feel a whole lot better after a horrendous game.  Thinking about that spurred the song of the day.

Freeway is a Philadelphia bred rapper, who has a high energy flow.  He is a guy that I liked off  the ROC with Jay-Z.  Various issues caused the partnership or collabo to end, including a crisis of faith.  He took some time away from the mic, and now in 2010 he is ramping back up, getting shine on mixtapes.  Freeway,  welcome back….

Freeway and Jake One— She makes me feel alright…

One Response to “Too Old Song of the Day Freeway: She Makes Me Feel Alright”

  1. Erik said

    Jake One is my ish. I got album that album “White Van Music” when it came out, but haven’t given it a listen in a while.

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