E’s song of the day

March 11, 2010

I will not be replaced!  Steve can call his posts “Too Old song of the day” but I didn’t co-sign that business.  I rep “E’s song” because that’s the only dude in the crew that I can speak for.  Sure, my musical tastes are more diverse than other members of the crew, but hopefully that just encourages you to broaden your horizons.  I had this song on my queue because I heard it on a commercial, or tv episode several months ago and now, suddenly, it’s all over the radio.  I just think it’s a fun track.  Beware: this music was made by white people!  Today’s jam: Train – Hey Soul Sister.  Enjoy….

One Response to “E’s song of the day”

  1. Steve said

    See it, that is the difference. The things that I rep for the crew are songs that the crew would be down to listen. You hear some random ish and then rep it here. No one wants to take away E’s song of the day, (like we could or would) but that is a lot of things that your other crew members are not down for, and I will speak for Ronin on this one.

    We ride with you regardless, but some of your musical choices are…personal preference and Ronin and I have different tastes…

    Finally, how do you have a song of the day that happens 2-3 times a week? maybe we should rename it E’s song of the week? Step your game up and quit whining like a spoiled brat. Post, and this wouldn’t be an issue.

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