Too Old Song of the Day: The Trackrunners: Be Right Back

March 10, 2010

Who doesn’t love a story of local boy(s) made good?

Rei Tracks and Whiz Almighty of the Trackrunners

Combine a clever MC with an international perspective on current events with a business-minded hip hop producer and what do you have? The Trackrunners.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Trackrunners consists of Whiz Almighty (MC/rapper) and Rei Tracks (producer). The duo is pair of hard working individuals with a hunger to make an impact on today’s hip hop scene. But with an equal hunger for success that has led to their music airing on local radio airwaves, in NBA games and on television commercials, it’s safe to say that the Trackrunners don’t plan on slowing their hustle down any time soon.

Whiz and Rei Tracks first collaborated in 2002, as both were members of a band called “Raw Lit”. In 2005, they began working on a separate project together and their chemistry in the studio led to the creation of “The Trackrunners” in December of that year. But it wasn’t until 2007 when the California-based hip hop duo got their break and received significant exposure to the San Francisco market.

With the Golden State Warriors making the 2007 NBA playoffs (the team’s first time making the playoffs in 13 years), The Trackrunners took their passion for the game into the studio and recorded “Game Time”, a song that quickly became the Warriors’ 2007 playoffs anthem. One day after recording “Game Time”, the song aired on local San Francisco radio station Wild 94.9 (KYLD), followed by 106.1 KMEL the next day, and KNBR 680 AM later that week. By the end of the week, the song had made its way down California, airing on a Los Angeles radio station. 20,000 online downloads later, the duo found themselves in the spotlight of thousands of Golden State Warriors fans, who looked to them to create more inspirational music—and that they did.

At the start of the 2007 NBA season, The Trackrunners were contacted by the Golden State Warriors organization. Over the course of that entire season, The Trackrunners wrote and composed a number of original songs that were used at Oracle Arena home games, on television commercials, on the team’s website, and for radio commercials.

Since then, The Trackrunners have continued their work in the studio, writing and recording more music as the creativity flows. Their first record single recently released , “Be Right Back”, aired on the number one hip hop station in the San Francsico Bay Area, 106.1 KMEL, and on Germany’s only nation-wide hip hop station, Jam FM. The Trackrunners are continuing to chip away at their forthcoming album titled “Somethin To Say”, which is slated for release in Winter 2009.

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