Too Old Song of the Day Tupac Shakur: Brenda’s got a baby

March 6, 2010


Tupac...we still miss you. the game is weaker in your absence.

what more could be said?  Ronin commented on the role that Tupac played in Juice.  We really won’t have another role like that in my lifetime I truly fear.  The feeling of power, the helplessness, the feeling of losing control were all captured in that movie.  Thinking about that caused me to think about another Tupac role that documents that feeling of helplessness that many people out there feel.  This video always stuck me as dark, while at the same time somewhat uplifting.  Tupac comes off as the quintessential gangster rapper, but with a soft side.  He raps it as he sees it.  In this case, it’s Brenda and she has a baby.

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