Sony looking to make Applesauce from Apple’s Ipad and Itouch

March 6, 2010

There are a lot of reasons not be on the Apple bandwagon.  Sony is giving us another reason to wait.  Apple wants you to line up like fanbois and girlz to buy their new products.  They tie it to one retailer, so you have to have AT&T to realize the use of their service.  Unfortunately, I like choice.  Because of that fact, it is prudent to wait on the newer technology. First, CNN, talks about the other competitiors and the way that they will be competing for your tech dollar.

HP and Dell have both shown the basics of their upcoming devices, but with a bare minimum of information on price or details on what’s inside. It’s fairly clear neither wants to go the same route as Apple.

Price-wise, both HP and Dell have said they intend to come in below the iPad, which ranges from $499 to $829 depending on 3G functionality and storage available. That will be easier for Dell since its tablet, the Mini 5, with its 5-inch touch-screen, is almost half the size of the 9.7-inch iPad.

When Acer eventually comes up with a competing product, as it has said it plans to, it’s also likely to be affordable, perhaps even more so than Dell’s or HP’s tablets. Emphasizing attractive pricing over fresh new features or design that sets it apart is, for better or worse, what Acer is really good at.

The Taiwanese manufacturer seized on the desire for cheaper laptops a few years back and moved swiftly up the ranks of PC makers by dominating in the inexpensive Netbook category. It’s now No. 2 overall, right behind leader HP.

Sony, which says it is still evaluating its options here, is harder to predict. The company already has several models of e-reader devices, as well as a new touch-screen media device called the Dash. Though not easily portable, at $199 it’s not ridiculously expensive either, and it’s conceivable that Sony could rework the idea into a more mobile type of package.

That is a lot of people aiming for that number one spot.  For some, the pricing point will be a factor, for others, it will be the features that are offered.  We have already looked at some of the limitations of the Ipad here and here. Now, with CES, Sony is looking to be the giant in the game.

The hottest tech development of the year has been Apple‘s disclosure of its iPad, a tablet computer set to debut in just a few weeks.

But consumer electronics giant Sony is reportedly aiming to outdo Apple.

Sony has two competing devices in development that will be ready to go sometime this year, The Wall Street Journal reported.

One Sony device in the works is said to be a new smart phone that can play PlayStation games. Sony already produces smart phones under the Sony Ericsson name, but none that offer gaming capability.

The second device could go even futher to blur the lines between function. It will reportedly be a tablet that combines elements of an e-reader, netbook and Sony’s existing portable gaming device.

Sony is believed to be working with Ericsson on the device. The companies have a long history of developing handsets together, and recently launched the Xperia X10 smart phone, which is built with the Android OS.

Sony did not comment on the leak about new products.

The two gadgets would work with a new Sony platform slated to launch this month designed to rival Apple’s iTunes.

Sony, which also makes TVs, laptops, e-readers, cameras and its PlayStation gaming systems, may leverage its power in the video game space to help compete against the iPad.

Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch have already made inroads into the gaming market, where they compete for customers alongside Sony’s PlayStation Portable.

Reports indicated that the upcoming Sony Online Service will offer a broad catalogue of games, including older issues originally designed for Sony’s PlayStation, in addition to more standard music and television fare.

Sony has the advantage of being in several markets that Apple isn’t like gaming.  People will want to play games to pass time and Apple is dependent on the development of third party software, while Sony has been in the handheld market for a long time.

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  1. tophatal said


    And here am I thinking that the vast majority of Americans avow capitalism in every one of its formats ? You are what you desire as they say ?

    The US creates the technology while its competitors merely advance it. That’s what is wrong with the country from an intellectual and productive standpoint. Itcan no longer teach the world anything whatsoever !
    And that’s politically as well as economically for that matter !

    Alan Parkins

    Alan Parkins

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