Woman sues Doctor after he gives her FOUR BREASTS!

March 4, 2010

If three is good, wouldn't four be better?

but wouldnt that make her more attractive?  Who hates breasts?


Woman Files Lawsuit After Surgeon Gives Her Four Breasts



5:58 PM EST, March 3, 2010


A Staten Island mom has filed a $5 million lawsuit against her plastic surgeon after she said she wound up with four breasts as a result of a botched implant surgery.

Maria Alaimo, 47, claims she went to Dr. Keith Berman in 2003 to increase her bust size to a 36 C. However, when she woke up from the augmentation procedure, Alaimo says she had intense swelling and looked as though she had four breasts.

“Maria came out of that operation with essentially four breasts,” her lawyer, Michael J. Kuharski, told jurors during Monday’s opening arguments in Staten Island Supreme Court.

Alaimo alleges, in court papers, the surgery has caused her “pain … disability, loss of self-esteem, humiliation and embarrassment.”

The mother of two apparently found Berman through an online advertisement. She reportedly shelled out $7,000 cash for the surgery.

Photos taken after the surgery show heavy scares on Alaimo’s breasts, which reportedly appear flattened on the bottom with severe swells the size of a softball on top.

Berman told jurors he warned Alaimo about the potential risks of the surgery. However, Kuharski insisted the doctor was only concerned with making money.

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Now, this might not go over well, but what was this woman doing getting breast surgery?  47 is still relatively young, but that is not a spring chicken.  I guess I am of the belief that you should just work with what God gave you.  Age ultimately has something to do with it, but I think that she was okay (I really don’t know) with whatever she had to begin with. Things that could have gone wrong…

1) You could die.  Even with a perfect set of fake boobies, if you are dead, they are no use to you.

2) You could get too much attention.  Not all attention is good attention.  There is something to that…now you are getting it for having four breasts, but you kinda brought that on yourself by a) suing and b) getting the breast job in the first place. If it was actually four breasts, what is wrong with that?  breast augmentation is about feeling better about yourself and the attention you receive.  I think that with four breasts, you will get the attention you want, and maybe too much of it.

It could have been worse…she could of have this as a picture…

One Response to “Woman sues Doctor after he gives her FOUR BREASTS!”

  1. tophatal said


    Health care reform ? How ’bout doctors who know what the hell they’re doing . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    So how does a guy like Woods get a penile implant ? I mean just in case he falls of the wagon ?

    Alan Parkins

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