Too Old Song of the Day: Juice (Know the Ledge) – Eric B. & Rakim

March 3, 2010

Erik has decided that the song of the day is too stressful and requires too much work to get out.  His life right now is completely complicated with Dante’s Inferno and rocking out to the stylistic musing of Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band.

YES! We have two sets of drums as well as two hammers, I mean axes, or guitars over at the Too Old house. I die a little bit each day that I come downstairs and still see that they are there...

Rocking out on the mic and playing the fake guitar takes some time and energy to get it done, so forgive him and his lapses of posting to the board.   He is working on beating this kid, Chris Chike, so cut him some slack

This is the proper way to “Rock Out” (hopefully without his privates out, but hey, I am at work…) to the game

also make sure that you have hair to whip around, even if that means donning a wig. I hear that the women go crazy for this move...

(Shh…!  He doesn’t know he has been replaced)  But, we care about the listeners and the musical selections, so we got ya backs.

This is Juice (Know the Ledge) the lead hit from the movie Juice with Tupac.

2 Responses to “Too Old Song of the Day: Juice (Know the Ledge) – Eric B. & Rakim”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Thanx Steve now I gotta watch Juice again. Dammit! JK.
    Eric B & Rakim was the top song on the soundtrack. I know cause I played that cd, ummm I mean, cassette tape all of ’92 but the most memorable song for me came at the end in the elevator. When Q tells Bishop, who is staring him in the eyes with no emotion on a crowded elevator, “What are you gonna do? Shoot me in an elevator.” Which then provokes Tupac to take a shot at Omar and cues Cypress Hill’s “How I could just kill a man”.
    Anyway thanks, cause I sometimes forget how good we had it back in the early 90’s with music and film that these kids today have no clue. Juice was and is the best urban commentary film of its time and better than anything that could even be made today even if we had anywhere close to a Tupac in 2010.

  2. Steve said

    Uptown Anthem with Naughty by Nature was another banger on this soundtrack.

    Tupac was a beast in the role because he could relate to the character in the film. We won’t have another Juice type movie. It was just too real…

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