Another reason to avoid Facebook: Anthony Stancl, a 19 year old, posed as young girl, blackmailed high school guys for sexual favors…fortunately he is getting 15 years to think about it…

February 25, 2010

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and I am pretty sure that they do not have facebook in prison.  But, there are a lot of guys who will provide sexual favors TO him, for no charge.

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Facebook! The place for completely random hook-ups

A Wisconsin teen was sentenced to 15 years in prison Wednesday for using Facebook to blackmail classmates into having sex with him. Anthony Stancl, 19, pleaded guilty in December to two felonies, including repeated sexual assault of a child. Stancl was 18-years old at the time of his crimes.

According to court documents, Stancl posed as a girl on Facebook, induced some 30 classmates to send him naked pictures, and then used the photos to blackmail at least seven of them to have sex with him. Over 300 nude photos of male classmates were found on Stancl’s computer.

Why do you send someone you have never met a picture that you might be embarrassed about? Plus, how do you allow this dude to blackmail you? So, there is a naked picture out there of you. Guess what? You were born naked! There is nothing to be embarrassed about the human form. At least seven of you were conned into having sexual relations with this guy. Isn’t the fear of someone finding out that you participated in a homosexual act (only if you are not homosexual) more worrying than someone finding out that you had a nude picture?

Stancl “admitted that he pretended to be ‘Kayla’ and threatened the victim that if the victim did not have various types of sexual contact with the defendant, the photographs of the victim would be sent to people at the high school,” according to the complaint.

So, people find out that I am into sexting?  Is that really all that bad?  I understand the fear of shame and scorn at school.  That is horrible and I am not going to blame the victim.  Dude got what he deserved and will get some karmatic payback.  I think that the pressure of the decision got to the poor individuals who are apart of this twisted web.  Notice, they only give seven, who were brave enough to come forward.  That means that there can be others that we will never know about, and they are living with the stigma of their actions.  That can be worse than people finding out.

‘I am afraid of what he can and might do’

Waukesha County Circuit Judge J. Mac Davis handed down the sentence “because he said Stancl had proven he was manipulative, excessively self-centered and could still be dangerous,” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“I am afraid of what he can and might do,” Judge Davis said.

Stancl’s attorney told that the student struggled with his sexuality and was humiliated after being outed by another student.

“He had a strong desire to fit in with everyone,” the lawyer said. “I think that was why he went to the great length he did to appear that he wasn’t gay and was just a victim [of extortion] like they were…He was never comfortable with the fact that he was bisexual so he came up with an elaborate scheme to cover that to appear to be a normal heterosexual teen.”

So the lawyer is really trying to drum up sympathy for his client?  Questions of sexuality during the teen years and even later are very difficult battles to have to go through.  I could even have a little sympathy for him if he blackmailed the guy who outed him, since that should be a decision and choice each individual should have the power to make.  But, he expanded that web to catch a lot of other people in the web.

Also, how does his scheme make him appear to be a normal heterosexual teen?  YOU ARE FORCING GUYS TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU!  Normal heterosexual boys are working on having sex with young, or older women, not being forced into things they may not want.

Parents Must Be Vigilant

The case is yet one more example of the dangers children face in the social networking world’s great Wild West.

In a radio interview after the sentence, Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel warned parents to be vigilant about their child’s use of the internet. “They have to know that the more capability they give their kids electronically with this stuff, the less control they have over their kid’s safety,” said Schimel told radio station WTMJ.

“They need to know that parents should and can search their kids computers and their phones and what their kids are doing. They should put monitors on their computers so they can find out what their kids are sending or instant messaging. They should think about whether their kids need to have a phone that has a camera, internet capability and all those other things that come with it,” he said.

Stancl expressed remorse after the sentencing.

“I am deeply, deeply sorry for the pain and suffering I have caused you and your family. I can’t imagine or understand how much of an impact my actions have had on you,” Stancl said, according to UPI. After completing his prison term, Stancl faces 13 years of extended supervision.

Another reason that you should not have facebook….

3 Responses to “Another reason to avoid Facebook: Anthony Stancl, a 19 year old, posed as young girl, blackmailed high school guys for sexual favors…fortunately he is getting 15 years to think about it…”

  1. tophatal said


    Good luck to Anthony , while he’s getting ‘his salad tossed’ ! He now becomes someone’s bit_h in more ways than one. ‘Ouch , please don’t hurt me Mister ‘! ‘Son I’m not gonna hurt ya’ ….I’m gonna f_ck ya’ like ya’ never been fu_ked before because you’re my bi_ch now ‘ !

    Hooray for Anthony as he’s getting what he totally deserves.

    Alan Parkins

  2. Ronin Storm said


    • tophatal said


      Creepy is the fact some guys did want to have sex with him ! That certainly ain’t gonna ‘up their street cred’ ! Wha’ d’ya do ? Well I make love to the girlfriend but I’m tossin’ salad ‘on the down low’. Does that really work nowadays ? As Don King says ‘…….only in America’ !

      Alan Parkins

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