What’s playing in my car: DJ Delz & Joell Ortiz – Jackin For Beats

February 24, 2010

I was driving home, stuck in traffic, racing to get home from a staff meeting.  Listening to this mixtape made this ride so much better.  Joell absolutely kills some of these classic beats.  Plus, he has a deference to the historical lyrical rappers that come before him.  That is refreshing to hear that amount of dap to the old school.

1.Joell Ortiz & Dj Delz-Intro
2.Joell Ortiz-Bk We Go Hard
3.Joell Ortiz-Broken Langauge
4.Joell Ortiz-Verbal Intercourse
5.Joell Ortiz-Off The Books
6.Joell Ortiz-Daytona 500
7.Joell Ortiz-Election Day
8.Joell Ortiz-Ill Street Blues
9.Joell Ortiz-Tonights The Night
10.Juell Ortiz-4321
11.Joel Ortiz-Twin
12.Joell Ortiz-Beware
13.Joell Ortiz-You Aint A Killa
14.Joell Ortiz-Pun Freestyle
15.Joell Ortiz-Its So Hard
16.Joell Ortiz-Jon Blaze
17.Joell Ortiz-Reconize
18.Joell Ortiz-Popular Demands
19.Joell Ortiz-Drop A Gem
20.Joell Ortiz-Get Money
21.Joell Ortiz-Hello Brooklyn
22.Joell Ortiz-Mass Apeal
23.Joell Ortiz-Cell Theropy
24.Joell Ortiz-T.R.O.Y
25.Joell Ortiz-Renae
26.Joell Ortiz-Bk Girl
27.Joell Ortiz-Relax
28.Joell Ortiz-Uptown Anthem
29.Joell Ortiz-Crime Wave
30.Joell Oriz-24 Hours To Life
31.Joell Ortiz-Childrens Story
32.Joell Ortiz-Run This Town
33.Joell Ortiz & Termanology-Bang
34.Joell Ortiz-Know The Ledge
35.Joell Ortiz-360
36.Joell Ortiz-I Go Off
37.Joell Ortiz-Got My Mind Up
38.Joell Ortiz-Boom
39.Joell Ortiz-Hiphop
40.Joell Ortiz-Ufo
41.Joell Ortiz-Big Money
42.Joell Ortiz-Successful
43.Joell Ortiz-Brokenheart
44.Joell Ortiz & Novel-Call Me
45.Joell Ortiz & Novel-Fighter
46.Joell Ortiz & Rihanna-The Wait Is Over

Lots of classic beats by DJ Delz and some of the flows by Joell have me wondering why he is so underrated….you can find it and download here…

One Response to “What’s playing in my car: DJ Delz & Joell Ortiz – Jackin For Beats”

  1. tophatal said


    Of late I’ve simply been going back to my Caribbean heritage as far as my musical listening tastes are concerned .

    Reggae icon Buju Banton

    Alan Parkins

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