If Time equals money, then employees paid by the hour are happier than salaried employees

February 22, 2010

Why even have numbers? It is all a part of a tedious workday...

Every day, I have to fight the constant struggle to get up and go to work.  It is not that I have a bad job, it’s that I would rather get paid for doing nothing than for doing something.  If I have to work, then I would rather get paid a salary.  I remember going to a non salaried job and having to punch the clock to get my hours. A lot of the time, it seemed as the clock punched me.

Just imagine having to work in this economic climate for an hourly position.

Those jobs always seem to punch back because it was up to you to make sure you got paid by punching the timeclock. Also, if you were not punched in, you were not getting paid. At least with a fixed salary, your money is more settled.  But, a study was done that posited that people with hourly wages were happier.

Research from Stanford University suggests that workers who get paid by the hour are happier than salaried employees because they see a clear link between output and reward.

“To the extent that time becomes like money and money becomes more salient, the linkage between how much you earn and your happiness increases,” said Jeffrey Pfeffer, a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Pfeffer collaborated with Sanford DeVoe of the University of Toronto to study American and British surveys of income. A summary of the research published by Stanford said hourly employees know the worth of each hour of work, think about their income regularly and begin equating the value of their time with their degree of happiness.

This link between hourly wage and self-worth or satisfaction seems to affect off-the-job thinking, as well.

“If you’re paid by the hour, you come to see your time in a certain way that doesn’t change when you walk out of your employer’s door,” Pfeffer said.

As long as I am making my loot, then it is what it is.  But, with an hourly wage, who takes care of you when you are sick?  No work, no pay…..

One Response to “If Time equals money, then employees paid by the hour are happier than salaried employees”

  1. tophatal said


    Well that obviously works for the ‘hookers’ but what about the guys who work within the agriculture industry on the farms ?

    I love the fact that former GM CEO and President, Fritz Henderson, is rehired by the company as a consultant. He’ll only work 20 hours a week and be paid $59,000 a month. What the f_ck is that about ? And less you forget the taxpayer still owns the company ? I think ‘brother Barack’ definitely missed the boat on this one ! He and Tim Geithner need their friggin’ heads examined !

    Alan Parkins

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