Suicide Bombing on the IRS in Austin!

February 18, 2010

I hate to pay taxes too, but this take the cake!

Damn, that looks like 9/11

Austin Plane Crash May Have Been Suicidal Attack on IRS

Pilot Who Flew into Austin Building Complex Identified as Andrew Stack


Feb. 18, 2010—

A single engine plane smashed into the side of an Austin office buildling today and authorities are investigating reports that the pilot may have burned down his house down and then steered the plane into the building in a suicidal attack on the IRS, sources told ABC News.

The pilot was identified as Andrew Stack. The IRS has offices in the building complex that was struck.

Eyewitnesses who saw the plane slam into the building said the pilot appeared to be in control of the plane in the moments before the crash.

“It hit it and the strange thing was the engine seemed to me to running at full power. It didn’t seem like the plane was in trouble. It was going full blast. It’s not a very fast airplane, but this thing was really moving fast,” pilot Jerry Cullen told ABC’s Austin affiliate KVUE.

Beth Jones told that she was headed downtown on Highway 183 when she spotted the plane overhead and immediately noticed how low it was flying.

“The plane was just coming down,” she said. “He was so low you could actually see him in the plane.”

Jones said that in the brief glimpse she got of the pilot he looked to be awake and not struggling. As her car passed under the plane’s path she heard a “large explosion” and immediately pulled over to see the building in flames.

She said the plane flew “just straight, right in” to the complex. “You think, did he go in there on purpose?” Jones asked.

Federal officials said shortly after the crash into the Austin office complex that houses FBI and IRS offices that they had no reason to suspect the incident was terrorism related.

A spokesman for the IRS said 190 people work in that office. “We are still in the process of accounting for all of our employees,” the spokesman said.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was promptly briefed on the crash, DHS spokesman Matt Chandler told ABC News.

“The Secretary is aware of the situation in Austin. We do not yet know the cause of the plane crash. At this time, we have no reason to believe there is a nexus to criminal or terrorist activity. We are in the process of coordinating with state officials and other federal partners to gather more information. At this time, we will defer additional questions to local officials and the FAA,” Chandler said.

Norad Launches Jet Fighters Over Austin

President Obama was also briefed on the Austin crash, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

Norad spokesperson John Cornelio told ABC News that two F-16’s jets were launched from Ellington Field in Houston after the plane hit the building as “a prudent precaution consistent with our response to recent similar air incidents.” The jets are currently flying a combat air patrol over Austin, Cornelio said.

Federal Aviation Administration officials said the plane took off from Georgetown Municipal Airport about 9:40 a.m. No flight plan was filed and the pilot did not communicate with controllers after take-off.

Twenty minutes later, the plane smashed into the building.

At the same time, firefighters were battling a blaze at a house in Austin that the Austin American-Statesman said was owned by Andrew Stack.

Cullen described the plane as a blue and white Piper Cherokee, a plane he used to use in flying lessons.

“I thought it was going to hit me for a second. It was flying right across the top of the trees. It went right across the building and slammed directly between the first and second floors,” he said.

Emergency officials swarmed over the scene, which left the building a smoking hulk of shattered glass. Two people were taken to a hospital and one person was unaccounted for.

The building was located on the 9400 block of Research Boulevard, located along a major highway that runs through Austin.

ABC News’ Luis Martinez, Lisa Stark, Matt Hosford and the Associated Press contributed to this story.

I  know it feels as though the IRS is literally shaking the money loose, but this is excessive

I guess the three things I can count on are stying black, paying taxes and death...

2 Responses to “Suicide Bombing on the IRS in Austin!”

  1. tophatal said


    Another copy-cat incident ? We had something of a similar nature in the Tampa area not long after 9/11. A fifteen year old took up a private plane and crashed in the downtown area of Tampa into the Bank of America Building and headquarters.

    The strange thing was , several days prior, in school , he had been making anti American rants directed at anyone willing to listen. Sadly , no one within the school’s hierarchy took any notice of his rants. And the rest as they say is history as he became a martyr for his own cause. Juvenile 15 yr old Caucasian with nothing better to do with his time.

    Perhaps this incident however will light a fire under the IRS’s a_s as well as the Federal government ?

    Alan Parkins

    • Steve said

      the problem is the only fire that it will light will be one that takes OUR rights away AND not do much to catch the actual fools who would do this.

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