Why I don’t ride Public Transportation: AC Transit busfight between a 50 year old black guy and a 67 year old white guy!

February 17, 2010

When Ronin and I went to John F. Kennedy,  I was happy that I didn’t have to ride the bus to school.  We both lived so close, it was ten minute walk tops to get to school.  One time, we saw a kid get thrown off the bus, through the emergency window.  That was about the highlights that happened.  Occasionally, a fight would break out at the bus stop, but even that was rare.  (The fight spot for some reason was the BART station.  It was far away from school that the school could not do anything about it and I guess had enough exits that the combatants had an escape route after the fights.)

Normally, I would point out that the bus usually stinks, but now, they have no compassion.  People fight, curse and scream whenever they feel the urge.  Riding solo in the car, even if it is not good for the environment, it is good for my sanity.  But, not riding the bus means that you missed this…

This is a prime lesson in don’t start none, won’t be none.  But, pride is the first to fall.  For some reason, when men get into verbal matches, they can’t back down.  They have to take it to the next level until fear creeps up into someone and they make the move to move away or leave.

Things that I found interesting in the video

1) That it was being taped. Far too many people have cameras and recorders these days.

2) The quality of the video was excellent.  maybe if you spent less on the camera, you could afford a car or at least a ride share or zipcar.

3) The older white dude getting back on the bus to tell everyone that “He hit me first, it’s self defense!”

4) The woman filming (I think) saying, “Go through his bag!”

5) The black dude asking for an am-be-lance.  I guess proper English can wait when you are dripping blood.

6) The woman in the blue dress and headphones just watching rather passively.  She saw it all and was not phased.

7) Ooohhh…he leakin!  (To describe cornrows and the amount of blood leaving his body)

8) Black people can be racist as fuck.  First it goes to Beat his ass, then to We can sue….what did the sister taping do to deserve her cut?  We can sue?  Please…

Makes me thankful that I have a good job…

I want to give dap to the White dude for really keeping it real.  He tried to move and diffuse the fight, but Cornrows wanted to keep it going.  Cornrows get the label of Keeping it Real goes Wrong, Dumb Nigga AND You Niggas are sorry! Let me explain

1) Dude gets dap because after being assaulted once he moved, he sprang into action.  He pawed the straight down, then countered with a jab that caught cornrows and when he got him down, he started swinging from the hills.

2) Cornrows gets

a) Keeping it real goes Wrong, because he tried to front hard.  The funny line was, ” I am going to put my foot up your ass!” Really? When he stopped hitting you because you submitted, he could have put HIS foot UP your ass.  Also, let me dedicate a song to him

b) Dumb Nigga because he picked on the wrong dude.  Santa, as we will call him, looked like he had some boxing lessons.  Plus, you thought that your hood look would intimidate someone.  That look might have done something in the late 80’s or even the early 90’s but now, even hipsters rock that.

All this hipster needed was the cornrows and it could have been him on the bus fighting and running his mouth...

c) You Niggas are sorry!

You did watch the video right?  All cornrows did was hang on to the pole.  As much as you ran your mouth like you were an enforcer, you should have fought a little better than that.  Your talk was not even that good and your walk was even worse.  The woman claiming to have it on tape is doign you no favors since it has you getting served…

Memo to the youth.  If you run your mouth, be ready to defend it.  Unfortunately, we the youths of today, there is no fighting, there is only shooting.  If nothing else, I give both daps for handling it like osme old school G’s.  Fight with your fists….

4 Responses to “Why I don’t ride Public Transportation: AC Transit busfight between a 50 year old black guy and a 67 year old white guy!”

  1. tophatal said


    Makes you wonder what might’ve happened were it Rosa Parks on that particular bus ?

    As it’s the day after ‘hump day’ , I thought that this might add to your day ? ‘Hot video chic’ Esther Baxter

    Added treat Melyssa Ford

    Alan Parkins

    • Steve said

      Rosa would have preached non violence, unlike the black women on the bus who were instigating the conflict.

      • tophatal said


        And I bet she’d still would’ve wanted to ‘beat down’ somebody’s a_s ?
        That’s when I see two females ‘throwin’ down , I tend to watch rather than wanting to intervene.

        But then again ‘two sistas’ scantly clad in a tub of jello and I’m in like white on rice ! That’s just the way I roll !

        Timbland feat’g Nelly Furtado ‘Give It To Me’ .

        Alan Parkins

  2. chappy81 said

    Have you seen the mortal combat version of this?

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