Utah to the Pac-10?

February 9, 2010

The allure of a conference tournament may be too much to hold off on tradition of the Pac-10 football conference.

imagine Utah and Colorado up there...makes the road trips a little longer.  Especially since you will have to fly on your Utah/Colorado road trips in basketball

Utah might be headed to the Pac-10. A report from ABC4 in Salt Lake City says Utah will be invited to the Pac-10 conference, while BYU was left out of the guest list.

But there’s a long way to go before any of this happens. The Pac-10 has to first decide that they are expanding, like the Big Ten. Then they might invite two schools to their conference to allow for a conference championship and a better scheduling format. ABC4 speculates that Utah and Colorado might be the two additions.

The TV station adds: “The Pac-10 TV deal is about to expire, and a new TV partner would want the league to have a football championship game, which requires the league to have 12 teams.”

At least they didn’t invite BYU. Utah, I can stomach, after spending some time in the state for college. They have all the major programs that can help drive revenue and athletes to the school.

Nothing personal against Bronco Mendenhall, and Walt is not there for Jim Harbaugh, (not to mention that Pete, Ty, Dirk and Bill, and Mike aren't there either) but your school doesn't really fit with the Pac-10 image

One Response to “Utah to the Pac-10?”

  1. tophatal said


    Does that mean that the quality of the football being played there will rise or all with this possible addition ?

    I mean the Pac-10 is what it is !

    Alan Parkins

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