Tim Tebow gives me another reason to hate him

February 2, 2010

As if I needed another reason.  I’m not sure if you’ve read my rantings about Tim Tebow (or, really, the whole Tebow family) but rest assured, I hate them.  It’s not because I’m angry that some white QB won the Heisman as a sophomore or broke NCAA football rushing records (although, as a die-hard USC Trojans fan, that might be just cause for my hatred).  No, it is because, on the whole, I do not trust missionaries (not to be confused with the missionary position, which I both trust, and practice, when prudent).  There is nothing inherently wrong with informing those interested about their various religious options and helping them find God, in whatever form that takes.  I do, however, seek exception with the notion that there exist entire groups of people in need of “saving.”  I debated with myself over going into another long rant here about the history of missionary work in eviscerating local culture and crushing individualism, but I think, perhaps, I’ll save that for a later date and time.

You say "missionary" I say "cult." I DO NOT want these people "saving" my soul.

This brings me to the current reason to be angry wit the Tebow family.  I read this interesting article today (linked here) that discusses a 30-second TV spot which will air during the Super Bowl.  It will be a short add featuring Tim Tebow and his mother advocating for the Pro-Life movement.  Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think the Tebow family should be making life and death decisions for potential expectant mothers everywhere.  The article linked above enters into greater detail about the various manipulations of truth employed to project a certain message, but, needless to say, the basic premise of the ad is that if you abort your fetus, you might miss out on having a kid who will someday win the Heisman trophy.  it seems like, following that logic, one might support abortions everywhere because any un-aborted fetus could end up becoming the next Hitler (Jeffrey Dahmer, etc. etc.).  If you know your baby might be evil (and I think mothers just get a sense of this thing – too much unnecessary kicking, food cravings that are just TOO bizarre etc.) for God’s sake, choose death.  In summation: Tim Tebow, I still hate you.  Please, spend your time on TV telling me which shoes to buy or what flavor Gatorade to drink – just leave the uterus’ of the world to their own devices.

3 Responses to “Tim Tebow gives me another reason to hate him”

  1. tophatal said


    For me personally this is neither the time or the appropriate place for the ad. Moreover that buffoon James Dobson is a manical bigot of the highest order. He make Pat Robertson and Limbaugh seem sublime.

    But poor old Tebow he didn’t need to be dragged kicking and screaming to be involved in this melee’. He’s allegedly doing it of his own free will as a Christian . And the wrath reigned down according Robertson was meant to be appropriate ? Fu_k ’em and the horse they rode in on !

    Alan Parkins

  2. Ronin Storm said

    Tebow’s Mom was in the Philippines of all places. I wouldn’t get a paper cut mended much less an abortion out there.
    But its a stupid commercial b/c her doctors recommended a stillbirth to save her life which is legal everywhere, not a Christian issue, and in most places she wouldn’t even have a choice.

    • tophatal said


      For want of a better word this Focus on The Family simply look at this issue with one myopic view and that’s it. I’d hate to see how they feel about the issue of incest or rape , concerning the victim’s wish to have an abortion . Much less a mother’s life being in danger during a pregnancy.

      Alan Parkins

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