82nd Academy Awards Nominees

February 2, 2010

And here they are, well at least the majors because who really cares about film editing or score or costume, or makeup.

Best Picture Best Director
Best Actor Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Best Original Screenplay Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Animated Feature Best Foreign Language Film

Looks like a pretty good list of quality films I have not seen. I’ll have to really think about my picks this year and a few Avatar drinking games. Yet while only having seen a few of the nominees i’ll take a STAB at the winners. Keep in mind I do reserve to change my mind.

Best Picture…Avatar

Best Actor…Jeff Bridges

Best Actress…Meryl Streep. If Sandra Bullock wins I might slap someone. but I won’t put it past the voters b/c we know how much they like white “folks” helping the poor blacks. e.g.Driving Miss Daisy.

Best Director…James Cameron. Who else???

Best Supporting Actor…Christoph Waltz

Best Supporting Actress…Mo’Nique. Because she will cry again.

Best Animated Feature Film…Up

Best Original Screenplay…Inglourious Basterds or Hurt Locker. I’m sure loads of CASH being thrown at judges for this winner.

Best Adapted Screenplay…Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire

Best Foreign Language Film…Who the HELL cares? But I’m pretty sure that with all the self hating Jews in Hollywood don’t go with the film from Israel.

6 Responses to “82nd Academy Awards Nominees”

  1. tophatal said

    If they give the Best Picture to Avatar over The Hurt Locker. Then it shows that Hollywood has no friggin’ credibility whatsoever ! No storyline to Avatar and it’s merely the CGI that makes the film what it is . And they think of James Cameron as a visionary film-maker . What a load of bull_hit !

    Alan Parkins

    • Ronin Storm said

      I haven’t seen Avatar but everyone keeps telling me how amazing it is. I have on the other hand watched Hurt Locker and was blown away. So I guess we agree.

  2. tophatal said


    Let’s put things into perspective . Avatar is merely a redux of Stars Wars without the idiocy. It has little going for it by way of a plot line. Other than the CGI, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

    One more thing it may well become the biggest blockbuster of alltime. But consider this, less people have seen this movie at the theaters than those who went to see Titanic, Ben Hur and Jaws. So what does that tell you in the end ’bout all of this bs and the money that’s being made ? In the end it’s the prices that allows for these inflated figures.

    The Hurt Locker is a phenomenal movie and I’m not just saying that because I’m ex military. It’s a simplistic and true to life look at a bomb explosives expert in the thick of things amidst the mayhem of war.

    I hope that Kathryn Bigelow wins the award for Best Director !

    Alan Parkins

    • Ronin Storm said

      Blue Steel, Point Break and Strange Days(which is in my top 50) Bigelow does not deserve an Oscar. But Hurt deserves some recognition as the must see movie this year. I was physically sick through some of the scenes.

    • Ronin Storm said

      I read a good article about her in Men’s Journal last year.

      • tophatal said


        Hollywood marches to the beat of its own drum. That’s how fu_ked up they are !

        The Year That Out Of Africa won for Best Picture and Best Director. Well that was the same year that ‘The Color Purple’ was released . It had 11 nominations and if memory serves me correctly it was almost shut out in all of the categories. I believe it won Oscars in a couple of technical categories and that was it.

        So in the case of Bigelow it’s not about the body of work done over the course of the career but the suject matter that’s being adjudicated over.

        You can’t tell me that year Sidney Pollack was more deserving for Out Of Africa than Spielberg was for The Color Purple !

        So like I said previously let’s put it all in perspective.

        Alan Parkins

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