Texas Tech, Adam and Craig James versus Mike Leach: Someone is lying and the documents will sort it all out in the end….

January 28, 2010

Yes, both me and my son Adam are Douchebags....and thank me for the collapse of the SMU programs in the 80's

The great thing about discovery in the legal sense is what you can find out when you look…

James threatened to sue over Leach

Associated Press

LUBBOCK, Texas — The father of injured Texas Tech receiver Adam James threatened to sue the university if it didn’t investigate then-coach Mike Leach, according to a memo released Wednesday. Texas Tech University System attorney Ronny Wall wrote in the Tuesday memo to the Texas attorney general that the threat came during a Dec. 20 exchange with James’ father, ESPN college football analyst Craig James. The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal obtained a copy of the memo in response to an open records request. The university fired Leach on Dec. 30, two days after suspending him amid allegations he mistreated Adam James, who was recovering from a concussion. The receiver says Leach twice ordered him to stand for hours while confined in a dark place during practice. Leach denied the allegations, and responded to his firing with a lawsuit against the university, alleging libel, slander and breach of contract. The Tech memo says James’ father “indicated that litigation could ensue” if Tech didn’t investigate Leach “for the improper treatment” of his son. “The threat did not appear to be an idle threat as the parent expressed genuine concern for the health and well-being of his injured child, as well as other student-athletes,” the memo continued. James spokesman Scott McLaughlin issued a statement late Wednesday saying James never threatened to sue Texas Tech. “Further, Texas Tech initiated its investigation of its own accord,” he said.

The sides can’t even keep their story straight.  Now, we have Texas Tech claiming what they did was at the behest of Craig James and the desire to avoid a lawsuit and the spokesman for Craig James claim that the words suit were never uttered.  The more that we find out about this, the more it looks like the conspiracy to fire Mike Leach seems more plausible.

Open up the checkbook TTU, you are going to have to pay and when you lose, you will be liable for his legal defense fund…

Also, Craig James, you may have thought you were doing best for you son, but it makes your son look like a pussy that he couldn’t talk to his coach and if he was really in any danger, how about telling him to quit, just like he did baseball?  If I was doing the deposition, that might be one of the first questions I ask.  Adam, why did you quit the baseball team and when did you tell the coach?

You had a duty to your job as well, and you put that in jeopardy as well.  How can people listen to you when they know that you will use your position to push your own personal agenda?  Also, if you really thought about running for office, you can forget that know as you will lose Lubbock and other Red Raider leaning areas that liked Mike Leach.  If I was your opponent, I would bring in Mike Leach to back me and see how well you would do against that.

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