Steve Jobs unveils the Ipad

January 27, 2010

How do you use that thing? Does it sit in your lap?

Some fools will rush to buy, no matter what it does…..

So it is a super sized I-touch...yiiipppeee! (sarcastically)

let me add up the billions I am about to make from these fools...but it actually looks rather cool, but 1k price tg is excessive...

function is going to be key, that and waiting fo rthe 2nd generation

2 Responses to “Steve Jobs unveils the Ipad”

  1. tophatal said


    Apple is no different from that other monster out there known as Wal-Mart. Not so long back the venerable beast out of Akansas was touting all things American. Now over 53 % of its merchandise is made outside of the USA. So what’s ‘the big deal ?

    Alan Parkins

  2. Steve said

    I don’t hate Apple, I hate stupid lemmings that will buy things from Apple sight unseen. Dude really said, Apple will know what I need technology wise. They do, and it is called a lobotomy…STAT!

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