Need more reasons to pass on the iPad?

January 27, 2010

Except for the obvious, the well endowed Michelle Caruso-Cabrera of CNBC normally bugs the HELL out of me. But today she made me laugh when she said the name “iPad” made her think of something other than a tablet computer. Mainly a feminine hygiene product. So I’m gonna keep with that theme and call Steve Jobs a “douche” if he thinks I’m gonna spend my hard-earned $loot$ on the new iPad. I should point out that I do have some Apple Gift Cards from 2007 burning a hole in my pocket b/c friends thought I might like the iPhone. Thus I really wanted the iPad to work out for me. But this is starting to get ridiculous. It’s been years since I’ve bought anything from Apple. Last purchase was at least 4 years ago when I bought the video iPod. Come to think of it I bought it on Craigslist.

I’m beginning to wonder if Apple even makes a good, well-priced product.? I’ve passed on the iPhone, AppleTv, Nano, and of course their over priced laptops and desktops. I just don’t get it? How does Apple sell and expect to sell anything in the future when there are so many issues I couldn’t live with in their products. I’m gonna say it…if you buy Apple you are a “sucker” plain-and-simple. The Cult like following makes you think they have incredible products with no nothing lacking, but instead Apple and Jobs force simple fixes down their loyal following throats with no remorse. e.g. No removable battery,  AT&T only, no Flash, no Ethernet, no usb, no option to add memory ect. But there is one deal breaker for me. Why does  iTunes/iPhone/AppleTv/iPad only support a few file media formats? Why not support Divx, or Avi, WM-HD,  Blu-Ray or any other video file I want to throw any MY/MINE/ME device I spent ME/MINE/ME $LOOT$ on. WHY is Apple excluding these other formats? Well, we do know. Apple wants you to spend your $loot$ at the iTunes store and not somewhere else.This fine but why the cult following from a Co. that doesn’t even let you pick-out the flavor Kool-Aid you want to drink.

Apple wants to be more than a hardware company. They want to sell you the media as well.!!! Now that’s controlling. I cannot loyal to any company that wants to control/limit/regulate my needs. Just pick a side Apple! Do you want to be a hardware/software co. or do you want to sell me media? You could do both but if I go elsewhere for my media why can’t I use it on an Apple device? Windows doesn’t limit. I can play anything on my windows devices, even your weak formats. Plus we know it’s possible b/c I know of Apple TV hacks that play any video format. So whats the PROB?

Turns out Apple is just another wolf in a sheep’s clothing. No better than and maybe worse than any other big CORP. I would put you between Big Oil and the Pharmaceutical Co.s. Yet you still have a very loyal following. And probably will continue. But I will wait patiently until the day you are almost bankrupt like in 1998 and laugh at you and your Stooges until i hurt myself. No bailout next time Apple. You are dead to me.

Well, at least until I find something worthwhile to spend my gift cards on.

BTW, here are some very cool iPad alternatives from Lenovo that beat your POS iPad to pulp.

2 Responses to “Need more reasons to pass on the iPad?”

  1. tophatal said


    In consumer ‘speak’ … can lead a horse to water but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll drink ?

    Alan Parkins

  2. merylr0se said

    Thank you! I HATE HATE HATE Apple with a passion. And, as someone who has had professions that require products like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I was FORCED to use shitty Apple products and everyone said, “oh, well those programs are designed to be used with Apple.” What the fuck does that mean? And I’ve NEVER found something you can do with an Apple that you can’t with a PC on those programs. And yes, the Cults are fucking retarded. And the price sucks. There are always problems. Itunes is horrible. Macs are NOT “easier to use.”…As you can tell I have no severe opinion WHAT-SO-EVER on this issue 🙂

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