Apple IPad: The new tablet from Apple. Another reason to hate Apple, but more importantly, its fans…

January 27, 2010

It's funny that it is a woman that is the symbol of liberation for Apple, ONLY because most of these hipsters either do not like women, or are scared to actually approach one that isn't their mother....

I hate Apple.  I think that the company is a good company, staffed by good, smart people.  I hate that they really developed an obsessive cult like following.  Apple could shit in a box,  put the Apple logo on it and people would buy it.  Think I’m lying?  Here is the proof…

CNN) — No matter what type of new product Apple unveils at its much-anticipated press event later this week, Xavier Yaffar says he will buy it. Whatever the cost.”I don’t even have to look at it,” the 48-year-old said.

It’s people like Xavier who make me run away from Apple products.  It’s the Apple hipsters that make the company so repulsive to me.  That, coupled with the lack of support for non-Apple products (emulators are not the same and they do not run everything well) make me shy away from Apple.  Why would I pay extra, just to say that I have an Apple?  Function comes before form, but not for Apple hipsters….

While cautious consumers might want details about the new device — like whether it exists — before stashing away money and planning to buy one, Yaffar and some other Apple fanatics say they trust the fashionable and notoriously forward-thinking maker of the iPhone and iPod so much that they’ll buy whatever the company puts out, even if they’re not sure why they need it.

What’s your take on the Apple tablet?

“I bought the iPod when it was announced. I didn’t know what it was going to do when I bought it,” he said, adding that Apple knows before he does what he needs in technology. He ended up loving that portable music player. Now he has more than one.

So this stupid MF probably needs help to know when to wipe his ass.  They know what you need before you do?  Leave the thinking to Apple!  That would be tight on a bumper sticker.  But this shows how crazy the fanboys (and girls) are for Apple products.  With this type of outpour, I think that I will just pass.

P.S.  The Apple tablet seems to do everything that my Archos 605 does, like 2 years ago.

The history of hyper-allegiant Apple fanboydom started long before the current slate computer fray.

Dave Greenbaum, a computer repairman in Lawrence, Kansas, said he started falling in love with Apple because of a 1984 television ad that compared rival PC users to drones, reminiscent of characters from George Orwell’s novel “1984.”

A 60 second ad, that appeared during the Super Bowl (from the sound of this hipster, he only turned on the TV to see the commercials and not the game) was all this dude needed to fall in love with the company?  That just shows how weak minded you are.

This is why you have no life hipster. A piece of plastic....the object of your love.

There is a social aspect to being an Apple fan that also appeals to Greenbaum, who writes for a site called TheAppleBlog in addition to his day job. He sees Apple as an underdog and a purveyor of counterculture.

The company had about 8 percent of the U.S. personal-computer market share in 2009, according to a report from IDC, a subsidiary of the International Data Group, or IDG.

The problem is that there are more than 8 percent of hipsters in the world.  That and 8 percent is nothing to really crow about.

Greenbaum met his husband at an Apple fan group in the mid-90s. When they started dating, the couple hung out in Mac computer labs together as a form of courtship.

“Most other couples would go to movies. We mark a key point of our relationship when we both decided to go to Macworld [a conference in California] together in 1995,” he said.

What type of sorry relationship is that?  You would hang out in the Mac labs on campus?  That is the lamest sounding time anyone could possibly have.  I am glad that you found each other, because you would bore the hell out of most other gay men.  In fact, you are an embarrassment to gay men everywhere.

Look at the puppetmaster Steve Jobs controlling fools everywhere to wait and anticipate their new product...I know he must just laugh himself to sleep at night thinking about all the fools that buy his stuff, sight unseen.

The couple now travels to Apple stores across the country, taking photos in front of each one as if the computer stores were national monuments. They always check out new Apple products, although sometimes they wait for a second model to come out before they buy. When the iPhone 3GS debuted, they waited in line at a nearby Apple store from 1 a.m. to 10 a.m. to buy the phone.

“It’s a part of your identity,” he said. “People are going to recognize you more by the computer you use and the phone you carry than by the car you drive.”

Nope, I am going to recognize you as some boring ass gay men that need to get a real hobby in their life.  Another thought is how am I going to recognize you by the phone you use, outside of calling you an iphone hipster?  Car, yes.  (I bet you drive a Prius, not because it’s good for the environment or the gas mileage, but because you see it as a hipster iconic symbol, like a fixed speed bike) but because you carry some tablet around?  Not a chance, unless I am looking to steal it from you.

It’s unclear how many people, like Yaffar, buy most every product Apple puts out regardless of what it is or what it costs. In a handful of interviews, some Apple fans said they would buy any new Apple product announced Wednesday as long as it’s a slate computer. Others said price was a factor. An informal poll by the Web site 9to5Mac found 21 percent of more than 7,600 respondents said they would buy an Apple tablet sight-unseen.

21 percent of fools…Apple, I gotta hand it to your business plan.  It works to grab lemmings.  This guy MUST be an Apple plant, except that he isn’t.  Somewhere, Steve Jobs just shot a load in his pants thinking about this guy and his robotic thinking…

Yaffar said he hopes Apple will announce a slate computer, and he hopes the product will cost between $500 and $1000. Any pricier, he said, and he will still buy one for himself, but he might not be able to buy the new device for the four other members of his immediate family, which he otherwise would.

The Long Island, New York, consultant said he’s not rich. He has to forgo other luxuries to be able to buy all of Apple’s devices.

Of Apple, he thinks, “OK, what are you cooking up and what are you going to make me buy?” he said. “That’s pretty much the way I see it.”

Get your mind out of the gutter. This has nothing to do with the fact that the fanboy is gay and is probably the catcher in the catcher/pitcher relationship

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  1. Ronin Storm said

    the “iSuck” logo is classic

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