Cannabis Crown April 17th and 18th 2010: A weed smoking and testing EXPO for those who can’t make it to Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup

January 26, 2010

It’s pot mania!  The sticky green is cropping up everywhere!

This is the industry standard.....

Many states are moving to legalize the weed, and now there are some expos that are opening up to spread the word.

A version of Amsterdam’s “Cannabis Cup” is coming to Aspen, in which medical marijuana growers, providers, patients and others in the industry will convene over one weekend in April.

The First Annual Western Slope Cannabis Crown, organized by Glenwood Springs resident Bobby Scurlock and the owners of High Country Caregivers, will be held April 17-18 at The Gant.

For all the marbles....

The conference is open to the public and will include speakers, live music, information booths, and most notably, a competition among providers that showcases their best strains. Growers and providers will vie for the “cannabis crown.”

They are going to get all technical about the weed

Scurlock said he hopes to draw about 50 dispensaries from around Colorado and their strains will be tested by Denver-based Full Spectrum Laboratories. The marijuana strains will be diagnostically tested for their THC levels and how it matches up with patients’ ailments.

There also will be a “people’s choice” award for those who are on the state registry for medical marijuana and have received a “golden ticket” from one of the organizers. The people’s choice will narrow down the field for the crown but the ultimate winner will be based on the diagnostic test, Scurlock said.

The marijuana card that gives you access to the "Golden Ticket"

“We want to get the best of the best in there,” he said. “We want as many vendors as possible.”

Only Colorado registered medical marijuana users will be able to buy products from vendors, which will have to occur outside of the conference — most likely in a private condo or room where the providers are staying.

“This is not about pot heads running around the streets,” Scurlock said. “This conference is to enlighten people and talk about the benefits, and its economic impact.”

no, it is like crack...but won't cause you to rob someone or suck D!ick to get another hit...

Scurlock said the event is nearly sold out; about 1,500 tickets have been sold. The $25 ticket buys admission to the two-day event.

Proceeds from raffles will benefit disaster relief for Haiti. Items to be raffled include grow room kits, vaporizers and other merchandise.

Nathan Traul, co-owner of High Country Caregivers, said as many as 400 strains could be showcased at the conference, as well as an edibles category.

So far, about 40 strains have been entered.

“The reception has definitely been great,” Traul said. “We’re excited about the event.”

Scurlock hopes that this year’s event is successful enough that it can grow into a week-long conference next year.

Scurlock said the crown’s website is currently being built and has limited information. Participants can log onto, which will allow them to book a room at the Gant. Those who are interested in learning more about the conference can e-mail to or call High Country Caregivers at (970) 945-2492.

That is what we call an entrepreneur.  This is the modern day Woodstock of weedsmoking…

3 Responses to “Cannabis Crown April 17th and 18th 2010: A weed smoking and testing EXPO for those who can’t make it to Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup”

  1. tophatal said



    Speaking as a Brit who’s proud of my Jamaican heritage. I’ve got to say that ‘the ganja was is the irie ‘ting for I in my youth ! Haven’t touched it since. I’d have been screwed had I done so ,as I’d already enlisted in the military where it’s still very much frowned upon to this day.

    But to each his own as I say !

    Alan Parkins

  2. chappy81 said

    Yup, the worse the country gets, the more legal it will be. The government will want to get those extra tax $$. I hope it gets legalized one day, hell it pretty much is here in Cali, well, northern Cali at least.

  3. I wanna find ALL enthusiastic smokers, Statewide to Worldwide,and to ask and find out if all these things that get in me and my friends way are common, necessary, or if they even happen anywhere else. Basically, if you smoke, have smoked, or plan to smoke, SAY SOMETHING, anything related with sticky greenery needs to be mentioned and or discussed here.

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