Chargers blow it again, and I couldn’t be happier

January 19, 2010

As some of our more loyal readers are, I’m sure, aware, we here at the Too Old Crew rep the Oakland Raiders.  One might say that we are die-hard members of the Raider Nation.  As such, it is our responsibility to hate the San Diego Chargers (and the Denver Broncos) with an undying passion.  Some members of the crew hate the Broncos first and foremost, but for me (perhaps attributing to my several years spent in Southern California) it doesn’t get any worse than those  choke-artist losers down in San Diego.  In fact, I’m not sure if there is a sports team I hate more in the world.  Maybe the Anaheim Angels,  it’s a close call, but I digress.

Phillip Rivers: giving hope to the mentally handicapped football players everywhere

Given my hatred for the “Bolts,” nothing made me happier than watching them flounder to a home loss in the playoffs, yet AGAIN.  Even better, it came at the hands of a former USC quarterback, Mark Sanchez.  Steve has already written about how big of a player Sanchez is (and I’m not talking about his “game” out on the playing field) but I was really impressed with the composure he demonstrated in front of 70,000 Charger fans en route to the AFC championship game next weekend.  No wonder Pete Carroll didn’t want him leaving a year early for the L – imagine what my Trojans could have done this year with him still at the helm.  Which brings me, in a roundabout sort of way, to the purpose of this post.  A young, poorly misunderstood USC student commented on facebook the other day that it was “a sad day in Southern California” (alluding to the Chargers loss).  This, of course, precipitated a reaction from myself, along with others, about exactly what she had to feel sad about.  The following posts represent the back-and-forth on the issue:


The Chargers are evil. – your friend Erik.

USC Student:

why do you two hate the chargers? they’re geographically the closest thing to an LA team


LA natives have 3 acceptable choices for football:

1. The Rams (longtime LA team)
2. The Raiders (brief-time LA team)
3. USC (close enough to a pro team)
USC Student:
1. Rams suck – i reject them as a team. also they left LA for missouri. MISSOURI. also, before my time, i have no connection to them
2. Raiders = crazy – i reject them as a team. also, they are now in norcal, which is the long time socal rival. REJECT
3. Supporting USC =/= mutually exclusive with supporting chargers.

“I reject them as a team” is not really an argument, kiddo. The Chargers are losers. Their coach, Norv Turner, is a classic choke artist (kinda like their kicker last weekend). They have NEVER won a Super Bowl (Unlike the Rams and Raiders). And their fans, especially the fans, are losers. lastly, San Diego is not LA. It might as well be Northern California (except not as cool). LA Times sports columnist Bill Plaschke says it best:

As always, the San Diego Chargers are a nice team to visit.

As always, you wouldn’t want to live here.

USC Student:
Chargers = 1st in the AFC west and 13 wins through the season (outranking the Raiders)
Rams = 1. 1 win. 1 win the ENTIRE season. I, too, was totally astonished by this amazing display of ineptitude. But then i remembered, oh yea, they left for Missouri

Sounds like the only doing the choking and the losing = those guys. And yeah, Chargers have… See More never won a superbowl, but neither did Dan Marino.
BTW – Obvi LA is where it’s at. if there were an LA team, I would totally be in that fan base, but there isn’t, so I picked the geographically next best option.

Generally when comparing the success of franchises, we look to an entire body of work, not a single season. For example, both the Chargers and Raiders have been in the NFL for 40 years. In that time, The Raiders have THREE Super Bowl CHAMPIONSHIPS. the Chargers: ZERO (they’ve only been to the big show once). (Your Dan Marino argument is … See Moreinteresting, but he’s a player, not a team. The Miami Dolphins have won the Super Bowl twice). In those same 40 seasons, the Raiders have made the playoffs 18 times, compared to the Chargers’ 12. This is why the Raiders can claim a “history of excellence” and the Chargers cannot.
Second, The “ineptitude” of the Rams this season was, indeed, near-unparalleled. That is, until you remember that the Chargers had the EXACT SAME RECORD in 2000. The Chargers have also had two 2-14 seasons in their illustrious 40 years in the league. And really, the definition of “choking” within the context of sports is not demonstrating incredible, consistent failure, rather it is demonstrating failure when it matters the most. The Chargers have had high hopes for Super Bowl success the last 4 seasons in a row but managed to stumble over their own feet every time.
Third, Chargers fans are just the worst. As a Raider fan, myself, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen Charger fans act foolish and receive life-altering ass-beatings. DON’T BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!

– your friend, Erik.

I just thought I might share with you the fun I had engaging in this little argument.  Until next time…Go Raiders!

4 Responses to “Chargers blow it again, and I couldn’t be happier”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    If your city or area does not have an NFL representative then it is your right to choose from any of the 32 teams currently in the league. L.A. has no team. Even Cable, Sat, and NFL see this. The Chargers are from San Diego not So. Cal.
    With that said…
    If you live in the L.A. area and you choose the Chargers as your personal NFL team then you do so out of free will (and stupidity)and not b/c of geography or history or even community as most Angelenos root for the Raiders. Instead, if you choose to be a Charger fan you are just a Loser that picked a crappy team.
    Go Raiders!

  2. tophatal said


    On the evolutionary scale is there that much difference between a Chargers’ fans and Raiders’ fans ? Inquiring minds need to know that’s all .

    Alan Parkins

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