Toby Maguire QUITS Spiderman 4 along with Kristen Dunst and Sam Raimi

January 13, 2010

Usually, any good sequel needs some of the original cast to make a transition from the first film to the second.  One film that didn’t was XXX with Vin Diesel and then XXX 2 state of the union with Ice Cube.  But, when you have a character driven film that one person has played three times, then the audience is going to expect and demand that actor.

Imagine Spider-man 4 without any of the pieces that made it good..

The one thing in their favor is that the comic book sequels have had some turmoil, like the Batman series. The Daily Mail explains what the issues are that will cripple a once proud franchaise.

Tobey Maguire has sensationally quit the film role that made him famous, after the film company wanted to send the super-hero back to school.

Maguire, 34, who became famous for his breakthrough role in comic book film Spider-Man decided to hang up his webbed suit, weeks before filming on a fourth instalment of the super-hero franchise was due to start.

Sony Pictures and Marvel plan to take the billion dollar franchise in a new direction which will see the new movie focus on Peter Parker in high school, dealing with human issues as well as super-human predicaments.

And clearly Maguire who is married with two children, Ruby, three, and Otis, eight months, to jewellery designer Jennifer Meyer, may have thought playing a high school student at his age was no longer plausible.

The news comes in the wake of what appears to be a creative dispute on a grand scale.

Neither the actor, 34, nor Sam Raimi, the director behind all three of the Spider-Man films will now be involved in the fourth instalment, along with actress Kirsten Dunst, who played Mary Jane Watson, love interest of the crime fighter’s alter ego, Peter Parker.

Director Raimi was apparently unwilling to accept both the script, and financial conditions imposed by Sony executives.

The script had been subject to a number of rewrites in the past year to come up with a screenplay he found acceptable, with a fourth effort in the works.

This franchise had made a bunch of people money and Sony wanted to go backwards in time to make the movie?  that would not have been believable at all.  By the time the third installment rolled around, he was out of high school, gone to college and looking for his way in life.  Now, you want him to go back to high school and show all the angst that happens with being in high school?  So, we are going to care about him getting laid, acne or having his first drink?

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios said they will delay a fourth film by one year and return in 2012 with a new story, new director and new cast.

The “new chapter” will tell of a high-school-age Peter Parker, the alter ego for comic book crime fighter Spider-Man who had been played by Tobey Maguire,

The previous trio of movies, starting with 2002’s Spider-Man have raked in roughly $2.5 billion at the box office and yielded tens of millions more in profits from product licensing, toy sales and other merchandise revenues.

In the first movies, Parker had already graduated from high school, so the fourth film will essentially be a reworking of the franchise. Maguire is now 34 years old and a father.

Pride is something else.  Sony is going to let some bean counter ruin making a lot of money.  People will go and see the movie, since they always do, but they will be effectively killing the franchise.

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