‘SC in trouble and I’m happy as can be

January 13, 2010

When UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel declared in a full page ad in the LA Times “THE FOOTBALL MONOPOLY IN LOS ANGELES IS OFFICIALLY OVER” he never knew it was gonna be this easy. USC is self-destructing right before our eyes and it keep getting worse. Just to recap. Reggie Bush gets $loot$, Momma Bush gets house, Bush blots, OJ Mayo takes $loot$, OJ bolts, Coach Tim Floyd bolts, sanctions come down, Joe McKnight takes $loot$,and  Coach Carroll bolts.

Now Lane comes back to ‘SC after only one season at Tennessee after signing a six year contract. Not sure what type of message that sends considering that he signed a six year contract and promised kids and their parents he would be at UT. But my question is why would Lane even consider coming to ‘SC when the NCAA will have to impose sanctions. But then I remembered that during Kiffin’s tenure the Volunteers reported six NCAA violations. But worse I had forgotten that two of coach Lane Kiffin’s most prized signees from his first recruiting class, were among three UT football players arrested on charges of attempted armed robbery. Maybe the kids misunderstood Lane when he told them I will get you $loot$. They must have thought he said go out and get some $loot$. At least at ‘SC there will be no misunderstandings. “Chi-Chi get the llello

Meanwhile across town in Westwood Ricky Newz is licking his chops. Turns out kids don’t really want to go to a school under investigation.

Neuheisel said he already thought the Bruins had made some inroads in the fertile Los Angeles-area recruiting fields. A year ago, UCLA landed wide receiver Randall Carroll and tight end Morrell Presley, both of whom had previously committed to USC.

But the Bruins were already feeling better since the news that Carroll might leave broke late last week.

La Canada St. Francis High safety Dietrich Riley, who appeared to be leaning toward USC, popped in at UCLA over the weekend on an official visit. Xavier Grimble, a tight end from Las Vegas Bishop Gorman who has committed to USC, told the Las Vegas Sun he is now “listening” to other schools and has added the Bruins to his list. He is expected to take a recruiting visit to UCLA this weekend.

Although Coach Ricky is not declaring victory in LA he is feeling a little better now that the coach across town gave him his biggest win last season. The Bruins went to Rockytop last September and slapped the burnt orange off of  Lane and Monte. BTW, don’t expect Norm Chow to coach for Lane sans a boat load of $loot$ and a ton of control. Won’t happen. Norm thinks Lane is a spoiledd Brat.

The one thing that disappoints me is that Mike Garrett and USC did not interview any minority coaches. What’s up with that? My guess is that Garrett hired Lane b/c he needed someone that knew the secrets of the past and could help cover them up during the current and future NCAA investigations. Thick As Thieves at ‘SC.

4 Responses to “‘SC in trouble and I’m happy as can be”

  1. Steve said

    the only thing that I will correct in this piece is that OJ Mayo didn’t get the money, but handlers did, who promised the money man that he could deliver OJ. So, lets not get OJ involved in the Reggie Bush/Butch McRae I get paid to play in college

    Mark Sanchez/Matt Leinart inappropriate behavior with women soil OJ’s time in LA.

  2. chappy81 said

    Kiffin won’t help them out of their funk. He’s lucky that the NCAA is making some of the kids go there still! I hope this means that Oregon State and Oregon are in the Rose Bowl for years to come.

  3. chappy81 said

    You guys want to exchange links? I’m going to throw you guys in our blogroll 🙂

  4. Erik said

    typical Ronin. All salty that your sorry-ass Bruins aren’t even good at hoops any more so you take it out on my Trojans. Yes, the ncaa is investigating the team, like they have been for YEARS. What has come of it? that’s right, NOTHING. We have enough recruits already, so have fun with our scraps…

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