Kiffin returns to the city of angels

January 13, 2010

And he’s bringing the whole family with him.

His wife is hot. There, I said it. Also, please note that he has already properly prepared his kids to rep the right NFL team.

As a Trojan, I have been following the recent coaching developments very closely over the past few days.  Yesterday, it was announced that former Offensive Coordinator and current Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin will be coming back to SC to assume the empty coaching position left by Pete Carroll’s departure.  There’s a pretty good piece in the Wall Street Journal Blog about various sports writers’ reactions to the move, so I won’t rehash other than to provide you the link here.  As for me,  W ill briefly state that I do like the fact that Kiffin brings a variety of assistants with him back to USC.  His dad, Monte, will be a great DC and we’ll get Ed Orgeron who has the reputation as a solid recruiter.  We’re an offensive coordinator (Norm Chow, anyone?) away from being back in business.  Now the big question on my mind is what will happen with the recruits (both Pete’s and Lane’s)?  The litany of assistant coach changes over the past few years leads me to believe that with the right talent pool, the Trojans can be successful with any number of coach permutations as long as we maintain recruiting dominance.  Pete Carroll as the head coach didn’t make the women of SC any hotter or our boosters any richer, so those potential draws should still be reason enough to come play for the hottest football show in town.  Hopefully Kiffin and crew have the goods to keep the show running.  I was worried for a hot minute, and although I’m still a bit uncertain about this move (I would have preferred someone with a bit of NFL pedigree, like Pete had when he came to town) as a true Trojan I have to accept that a decision has been made and put the full brunt of my support behind the move.  Until next time…Fight On!

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