Eva Mendes poses for Calvin Klein, but aren’t we in an oil shortage?

January 13, 2010

I bet that I wouldn't have to get an oil change for 6,000 miles...

That is a lot of oil…

Eva Mendes and Keira’s ex get well oiled in the sand in new campaign for Calvin Klein

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:56 PM on 12th January 2010

Eva Mendes is fast becoming more famous for her risque ad campaigns rather than her acting.

The actress smoulders in her newest Calvin Klein campaign, undoubtedly her hottest outing to date.

Eva, 35, is reunited with Keira Knightley’s ex, model Jamie Dornan, for a series of racy shots.

That is too funny that they don’t know her for her acting… I mean she was in…something that I saw….but the point is that she looks good.  Calvin Klein made a wise decision putting her on the billboards.  I am just worried about the accidents that they will cause.

Is she naked or not? Loooking could get you in trouble.

You really have to be good to not get caught up.  It is a skill that I learned early on.  When you are with a woman that is not your partner already, do not look at another woman, or just catch side glances or her.  Another tip to do is that you can comment on her and mention some made up imperfection about her.  That way, you an criticize and look.  Just be careful not to drool…

They took it a little too far....

2 Responses to “Eva Mendes poses for Calvin Klein, but aren’t we in an oil shortage?”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Training Day. How could you forget.
    Hitch, Out Of Time, 2 Fast, And All about the Benjamins maybe but not TD.

  2. Steve said

    She really isn’t in Training Day. That is all about Denzel. She plays Denzel’s wife on screen for anout 6 minutes, including the scene at the house. You can see why I would forget her role in that. But, 2 Fast is a keeper, and Out of Time is too…

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