Mark McGwire admits using steroids…In other news, water is wet

January 12, 2010

I bet Jose really did stick him with the juice, but what man wants to admit that another man jabbed him in the ass with a needle?

Why is this story getting so much traction? The dude used, so did a lot of people….keep it movin….that is how you know it is a slow sports news day when this story takes over the airwaves.  Jose Canseco comes out to get his shine on the subject as well…ESPN has the news

McGwire denied that claim in an interview Monday night on the MLB Network, telling interviewer Bob Costas that it wasn’t true and that Canseco must have made the claim to help sell “Juiced.”

“I’ve got no problems with a few of the things he’s saying, but again, it’s ironic and strange that Mark McGwire denies that I injected him with steroids. He’s calling me a liar again,” Canseco said Tuesday on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “I’ve defended Mark, I’ve said a lot of good things about him, but I can’t believe he just called me a liar.

“There is something very strange going on here, and I’m wondering what it is. I even polygraphed that subject matter, that I injected him, and passed it completely. So I want to challenge him on national TV to a polygraph examination. I want to see him call me a liar under a polygraph examination.”

St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, who managed McGwire and Canseco in Oakland, hired McGwire as Cardinals hitting coach during the offseason. In an interview with ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight,” La Russa said he didn’t know McGwire had used steroids until the slugger admitted as much in a phone call to the manager earlier Monday.

“That’s a blatant lie,” Canseco said. “Tony La Russa was quoted as saying that I was using steroids back then, and I was talking about it in the clubhouse, openly. That’s a blatant lie.

“There are some things here that are so ridiculous, and so disrespectful for the public and the media to believe. I just can’t believe it. I’m in total shock. These guys remind me of politicians that go up and just lie to the public and expect to get elected.”

Canseco said he is still a big fan of McGwire, his fellow “Bash Brother” from their days in Oakland, and he believes McGwire would have broken the single-season home run record without using performance-enhancing drugs.

McGwire said Monday that he used steroids to keep his body healthy in order to remain in the lineup, not to pad his power numbers or break records. To that end, Canseco said he is convinced McGwire is “the exception” to players who might use or have used performance-enhancing drugs.

“He’s such a talented individual,” Canseco said.

I am glad that Jose doesn’t hold a grudge.  He is the one dude looking for vindication in the whole affair…

3 Responses to “Mark McGwire admits using steroids…In other news, water is wet”

  1. chappy81 said

    You’re probably right it is pretty slow as far as sports news goes when this topic is rehashed over and over… I could care less about what they have to say and their reason’s why. We know it was a part of the game for awhile. Nuff said!

  2. mceezy said

    It’s pretty sad that Jose Canseco has become the one source I trust in this whole mess. But seriously, Canseco dabbled in MMA, it’s only right that he and Big Mac get in the cage together at this point.

  3. andyandvickie said

    1. Great title for the blog.

    2. yes, we really had this figured out years ago, but McGwire’s positive admission puts new emphasis on it for me.

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