Is USC about to lose the King of LA, Pete Carroll to the Seattle Seahawks?

January 8, 2010

Look at me! I am the KING OF LA!

I know that this year was not up to USC unusually lofty goals, but…who really knows?  The dreaded “sources” say that Pete might be ready to leave the castle.

Seattle Seahawks coach Jim Mora has been fired, the first coach in team history to be let go after one season, and league sources say longtime USC coach Pete Carroll is being targeted as Mora’s replacement.

Mora attended a meeting Friday morning with management, at which time he was told by Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke that he did not win enough games to save his job. The Seahawks lost their final four games to finish 5-11.

That right there should throw a pause into Pete.  If they fired the Head Coach in waiting one year after he ascended into the top seat, then they can do that to you.  JMJ was a known commodity to the team, and they still showed him the door.

You're FIRED! Now hit the bricks...

Mora was shocked by his dismissal, believing that when he was called to Lieweke’s office that he they would be in discussion about the team’s vacant general manager’s job, Seahawks sources said.

“We’ve made a tough decision today,” Leiweke said in a statement. “It became apparent after conducting an extensive internal audit that a new direction was needed to provide an opportunity for the organization to be successful. Today’s decision, while difficult, is part of the process in building a franchise with a new vision in 2010.”

Firing someone is really not that difficult.  Look them in the eye and send them packing.  You don’t have to sit down and have small talk, just get to the point.  It was not difficult, unless the part about telling someone to their face that they are done.  That isn’t difficult.  Either you thought that the person did a good job in growing the program or setting in the right direction, or they didn’t.

Coaching is just like dating.  You want people to like you and think that you are an attractive destination to live and work.  You will spend a lot of time whining and dining a candidate.

C'com Shanny, come to Washington! I got my own jet! I will give you a lot of money to be our coach!

Via text message, Carroll said: “You know I haven’t responded to a NFL question in two years.”

But a league source said Carroll is interested in the job and is trying to persuade USC offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates to join him in Seattle — as opposed to Bates pursuing the same position with the Chicago Bears.

See, it is just like dating.  He wants to make sure that he has a wingman that he can trust, not a wingman like Jason, who can leave you in a lurch.  But, just like dating, you do not want to leave a sure thing, unless you ahve another sure thing already lined up, unless the situation was just so unbearable, you had to get out.

Said another source close to Carroll: “You’re about to see a big headline that shakes up the major college football world,” in reference to the Seahawks’ development. The Seahawks did not confirm Carroll as a leading candidate but also did not deny it.

How many times can I use the dating analogy to explain what goes on in the coaching circle?  Seattle is not going to confirm that it likes someone, unless they have some info that the person likes them back.

Just like elementary and middle school....

Mora is believed to have about $12 million remaining on the final three years of his contract.

Once Mora was fired, the Seahawks called the Minnesota Vikings to seek permission to interview defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, the source told Clayton. According to Mortensen, Frazier declined.

The Seahawks were willing to eat 12 million in order to attempt to get Carroll.  That must mean that they really have the hots for him.  Pete in the NFL wasn’t great the first time, but he is older, has learned a lot and has a ton more experience.  One word of caution in the NFL game, you get to pick the players.  In college, the player chooses you.   Pete, you have done a great job, but that is because of your personality.  Men in the NFL may not think that is important. They have to listen to you in college, since you can help them achieve riches.  In the NFL, they are already rich. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Think half full Pete, you have the keys to the castle...

Seattle, you are going after a great coach, but a failed one in the NFL.  Hope you are right about your choices…

One Response to “Is USC about to lose the King of LA, Pete Carroll to the Seattle Seahawks?”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    ‘SC could get a monkey to recruit in So Cal. The outreach to H.S. that John Robinson instilled and Carroll continued plus the $loot$ they freely hand out ensures that ‘SC will get the top recruits every year. With all that talent the same monkey could also coach. All Monkey would have to do is find a way to motivate. Monkey could easily do that. All he has to do is swing on a branch, eat a banana, and call a celebrity every now and then to give a speech.
    With that said why the HELL would PC ever leave ‘SC. Think about it ‘SC had a horrible year and not one person is calling for PC’s head nor much less even blaming him. PC has the best job in the world and he does it well. He is going nowhere.

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