Gilbert Arenas and guns show a lesson to children…DONT MESS WITH DAVID STERN!

January 7, 2010

This dude believes the hype...

This dude thinks that he runs the world and the things that happen in the NBA really effect life in the streets.

Look at the reaction he had to this picture

Too bad Gilbert isn't giving him the "Other" two fingered salute

The photo of Gilbert Arenas pretending to shoot his teammates during the announcement of the starting lineups in Philadelphia was removed by Getty Images archives Wednesday at the request of the NBA.

“The image was pulled from our site because of the NBA,” Getty official Cynthia Edorh told The Washington Post. “Legally, the NBA has the right to pull any of their images as part of the contract with Getty.”

Getty’s asked the NBA to change its decision and the photo was eventually restored to the archive.

Tim Frank told the newspaper: “It was taken down because we thought the actions depicted in the photo were insensitive given the circumstances. Upon the request of news organizations, we made the photo available for their editorial use and it will remain available.”

SO, now the NBA controls the media too?  We here at Too Old will stand by and give you the straight dope, no chaser.  That is how we get down.

But, it gets worse.  Gilbert Arenas is now suspended indefinitely by the league. ESPN reports the travesty…

NEW YORK — Gilbert Arenas tried joking about his gun trouble. NBA commissioner David Stern found none of it funny.

Arenas was suspended indefinitely without pay Wednesday by Stern, who determined the player’s behavior made him “not currently fit to take the court.”

The fact that he is mocking you?  Damn homie, take a chill pill.  The man is innocent until proven guilty.  All you have is internet scuttlebutt and innuendo to proceed on right now.  Your investigation is not complete either.  Do your job and quit worrying about how people perceive you. It is the league that you should be worried about and the Arenas incident has not hurt the league.  plus, remember when Scottie carried a gun, or Sebastian Telfair had a gun?  None of that hurt the league in any quantifiable way.

A day after the Washington Wizards guard was photographed before a game in Philadelphia playfully pointing his index fingers at his teammates as if they were guns, Stern warned the former All-Star that his conduct will “ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse.”

So, you are attempting to lock down a dude having fun with his teammates during pregame introductions?  Really?  You think that is the reason people will tune in or advertisers will support your product?  You need to realize that people will support a GOOD PRODUCT, not the way you attempt to package the product.  Athletes are not role models.

Look, David Stern does not care what is going on in the ghetto.  he is not trying to clean up guns in the inner city.  If he is, tell him to come down to the Iron Triangle in Richmond, CA, where many a promising youth has been struck by the lottery of death that hangs out on the street corners.  It doesn’t matter if you are part of the street life or not, the lottery does not recognize that when it strikes.

Arenas is under investigation by federal and local authorities after admittedly bringing guns into the Wizards’ locker room. The Wizards’ troubles may not end there. Wednesday, The Washington Post reported that according to first-hand accounts, teammate Javaris Crittenton, whose disagreement with Arenas reportedly fueled the incident, loaded and cocked his own gun in response to Arenas. In text messages, Crittenton called that account “false,” according to the report.

If you are going off the reports, then why isn’t Crittenton the first one to be suspended?

Though Arenas first apologized Monday for his poor judgment and promised “to do better in the future,” he also joked on Twitter about the incident and the media firestorm it spawned. Tuesday, the day after meeting with investigators, Arenas said he feared Stern more than the authorities because the commissioner was “mean.”

But Stern apparently had enough of Arenas’ often-flippant response to a situation that has dealt the league a public relations blow.

That is Stern’s ego getting caught up in the scenario.  You didn’t have to fine him, but when you were called mean, then you had to show that the label was correct.

League sources said Stern’s decision to suspend Arenas now, rather than await the results of local and federal investigations, was a direct result of Arenas’ flippant comments and attitude. Those sources also said it’s “fair to say” Arenas’ actions on Tuesday expedited the process. League officials were incensed by the way Arenas mocked the reactions of the media and public toward his behavior on his Twitter page and in comments to reporters — even before Tuesday’s actions in Philadelphia, the sources said.

He has a right to express his opinion on subjects and even though the judicial process has not played itself out, or the internal investigation done by the NBA, you had to get on your high horse and play the heavy.

Gilbert, you and Javaris win the Dumb Niggas award, but your ability to be considered innocent until proven guilty and the freedom to say what you think within limits you did not break are things that I will fight for…

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