Do not spank!!! Unless you want them to be smart.

January 7, 2010

No, not this type of spanking.

This is still O.K. Even encouraged by the TooOld crew.

Spanking your kids is once again being sanctioned by the experts. Turns out that spanking is actually a good thing for kids. You can read about it here. For some of us this is nothing new. The new research points out that…

…if a culture views spanking as the normal consequence for bad behavior, kids aren’t damaged by its occasional use. To explain this shocker, the scholars suggested that in cultures or communities where spanking is common, parents are less agitated when administering spankings. Spanking almost never—when combined with losing your temper—can be worse than spanking frequently.*

The analysis sounds kinda  flawed given that parents should probably be angry while disciplining. It would suck for Mom to laugh and have a good time while spanking. But I will accept their conclusion.

It gets better…

…those who’d been spanked just when they were young—ages 2 to 6—were doing a little better as teenagers than those who’d never been spanked. On almost every measure. …such as academic rank, volunteer work, college aspirations, hope for the future, and confidence in their ability to earn a living when they grow up.

Once again another non-shocker for most of us.

Back in the day spanking was common place. And those people survived the Great Depression. There were no soft-ass little brats making noise in the theater or cursing out adults. Kids back then were hard and had respect. They didn’t talk about their “feelings” all the time cause no one cared. Maybe we should take some lessons from those before us and we might have a better group of young people to take over when we are gone. Because from what I see today; GOD HELP US!!!

One Response to “Do not spank!!! Unless you want them to be smart.”

  1. tophatal said

    Ronin Storm

    I know that applies to the kids but what about during moments of intimacy ? The girlfriend tends to like being spanked . Am I letting out too much ?

    Alan Parkins

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