Another reason to avoid MySpace and Facebook: Man “seduced” by woman on MySpace who ends up stealing his car and wallet

January 4, 2010

Didn't you know that stripes are out this year? Stop watching so much Seinfeld....

Extended members of the Too Old Crew fancy themselves as internet pimps.  They use sites like Craigslist, MySpace or Facebook to make connections and hook-up with various women.

I have no problem with the use of tech to help your pimping game.  Anything that leads to the bottom line, I usually back.  But, as you already know, I am not a fan of social networking sites.  Don’t have one, never had one and most likely never will. (Although schools and businesses have them and I would hate to be left out of the loop…)

Ashley Dawson(the woman pictured above) is the reason why using the internet to help your game can be dangerous.  Plus, why are most of the women who use the site totally busted looking or just real average?  Can’t some cute chicks pose on the site?  Probably not, since they can get men without the internet and get them to buy them things without useing blackmail, or force…

By Diana Hefley
Herald Writer

An Internet hook-up went down the drain for a King County man when his date first lured him into a shower and then stole his Ford Mustang while he was eagerly waiting for her return.

Notice they are at a bar, not on MySpace looking to hook-up...

Things went from bad to worse when the Stanwood woman returned to the man’s home about a month later and allegedly stole the Mustang again.

The man told investigators he talked to Ashley Dawson, 19, through MySpace. They met in person and in November he invited her to a party in Kirkland. They left the party together and went to the man’s home.

They were kissing when they decided to take a shower together, Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Walt Sowa wrote. Dawson convinced the man to undress and get into the shower.

She promised she had “something” for him and said she’d join him in the shower in a few minutes, Sowa wrote.

He was thinking something like this, I bet. "She brought her friend for me too! How totally awesome! I am going to put away Rock Band now...

A few minutes passed and the man peeked out of the shower. He noticed that the clothes Dawson had taken off were no longer on the floor. She was nowhere to be found in his house.

Gone with her was his laptop, wallet, car keys, cell phone and Mustang.

If you are at your place, that is why you hide the valuables or make out in the living room, where most things are too big to steal.  Or, the first throwdown happens at a hotel.  Don’t be too cheap to shell out…

He called 911 to report that his date had swindled him.

His car was discovered a day later on the Quinault Indian Reservation in Grays Harbor County on the Pacific coast. The car was towed to Aberdeen. His mother drove him to pick up his car. In the car, he found a bag that contained Dawson’s Social Security card and a Thurston County Jail identification wristband.

Damn girl.  Get rid of the prison ID out the window or better yet, in the garbage.  I know you don’t want people to know, but get rid of the evidence.

The picture on the wristband was of the same woman who left her date standing in the shower, Sowa wrote.

The keys to the Mustang were missing.

The man called 911 on Dec. 10. His Mustang was gone — again.

Dawson was arrested later that night after she was seen parking the car at a Red Robin restaurant in Snohomish County.

She had the keys to the Mustang.

Dawson also was wanted for failing to appear at a court hearing in Grays Harbor County. She’d been charged with possessing stolen property. She has a history of theft and burglary.

Dude has to be ready for what her story is going to be.  She is going to say that he lent her the car and that is why she had the keys to it.  Now, that she didn’t put out, that is when he called the cops in a fit of jealousy or anger.

So, if you are hollering at Ashley Dawson on MySpace at make sure you watch your valuables….because she has sticky fingers…

To Andrew Scarbrough, you are not Tiger Woods….

One Response to “Another reason to avoid MySpace and Facebook: Man “seduced” by woman on MySpace who ends up stealing his car and wallet”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Stiff. That guy is the biggest stiff in a world full of stiffs. If I were the judge I would give Ashley his ride. That girl is “tight”! First she steals his car then comes back for it again??? Crazy? She could be my wing-woman any day. Wonder if she diggs chicks. Too bad she is bababusted.

    LOL…Great story Steve.
    Seinfeld clip, picture of Hott chicks, water-hose pic, and commentary.

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