Adam James, your camera phone video PROVES you are a LIAR!

January 1, 2010

Young Adam James, unhappy at his prospects for playing time during his youth soccer match....

Young Adam James, unhappy about his playing time prospects during a youth soccer match decides to confront the coach....I am beginning to see a pattern o

If you are going to take the time to lie, at least have your lie in order.

First, he heard that he was “locked” in a shed.  That turned out to be incorrect, as the shed was the size of a one car garage.

Then, you heard that he was forced to stand up for two to three hours.  Now, his own camera phone video to show how he was “mistreated” and forced into the electrical room closet, shows that there was lights (so he was not in total darkness) and more importantly, there were chairs for him to sit in, if he felt woozy.

I wonder how this video got out?  It was given to a news channel, by representatives of the James family.  How fishy….

If Adam was really in danger, why didn’t he use the phone to have Daddy come rescue him, since he was at 70% of practices complaining that his son was not getting the playing time he so richly deserved?
Where I come from, the coach would have said, throw some dirt on it and get back out there.

Notice how they don’t mention his time as a baseball player at Texas Tech?  I wonder why….that would be a question that would definitely ask during the press conference….

Adam James, you are the first Hater of Week for 2010

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