Mike Leach FIRED from Texas Tech! Plus, VIDEO of the rooms that Adam James were confined to!

December 30, 2009

There is video of the rooms.  It looks like the James family will have some explaining to to.

Texas Tech will have to pay Mike Leach.  That is one of my NYE resolutions. CBS Sports covers the story, since ESPN is too biased to get the job done.  From this quote, it looks like a little buyers remorse and they didn’t want to pay the bonus.

In February, Leach and the school agreed to a five-year, $12.7 million contract. According to terms of the deal, Leach was due a $800,000 bonus on Dec. 31 if he were still the head coach at Texas Tech.

Leach was suspended by the university on Monday after receiver Adam James alleged the coach twice confined him to small, dark spaces while the team practiced.

James is the son of former NFL player and ESPN analyst Craig James.

“We appreciate that the university conducted a fair and thorough investigation,” said a statement from the James family. “From the family’s point of view this has always been about the safety and well being of our son and of all the players on the team.”

Texas Tech plays Michigan State on Saturday in the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio.

KCBD has the video

Haters of the Week, Craig James.  You and your boys wrecked one program with taking money and cars from boosters, now you are trying to wreck another Texas program.

It doesn't look good for your race to a Senate seat....

it doesn't look good for your race to the senate seat...Spencer Tillman will fill in for you nicely.

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