Adam James, when your team comes out against you, I know who to believe in the James/Leach War

December 30, 2009

WIll someone please come and put some baby powder on my backside? It's sore since coach chewed me out for being a pussy

and it is not you.

Just read the emails sent to defend the coach.  You didnt have a chance.  Former players like Graham Harrell and Wes Welker coming to defend the coach as well doesn’t help your cause. says it has obtained e-mails of six current and former Texas Tech players and coaches that disparage sophomore Adam James, whose allegations of mistreatment led to the suspension of football coach Mike Leach.

In one, James is referred to as “unusually lazy and entitled,” and in another he’s labeled “a complete jerk.”

James’ contention that he was mistreated by Leach after suffering a concussion is what led to the coach’s suspension. (Photo by Eric Gay/AP)

Among what was written, according to

Former quarterback Graham Harrell wrote that during the offseason James “often would be skipping lifts in the weight room or finding ways to cut corners.”

Inside receivers coach Lincoln Riley wrote that James resented being one of three receivers who was made to run stairs as punishment for unsatisfactory work. “It’s just another example of Adam thinking that he knows more about coaching than people who have been coaching their entire lives,” Riley wrote. “I have no doubt that anger from this led to where we are today.”

Former player Eric Morris wrote that James expected the team “to baby him” because he was the son of a famous player, ESPN analyst Craig James.

For the entire text of the e-mails, click here.

What a little punk.  You were not getting playing time, so you whine your way to get some attention.  This is football, not flag football.  You are supposed to get a little direction to make you tougher.  Apparently, Daddy didn’t teach you that lesson, since he was busy getting paid.

4 Responses to “Adam James, when your team comes out against you, I know who to believe in the James/Leach War”

  1. tophatal said


    The team may have come out against him but what of the asinine behavior of Leach and the coaching staff in the first place ?


  2. tophatal said

    So you see nothing wrong in the actions of the coaches in this incident ? What if James had died ? Because at the time he was never provided any medical assistance from a professional . Any type of concussion or head trauma suffered minor or not can lead to far more exacerbated problems. Furthermore by Leach’s own actions and his refusal to adhere to guidelines given to him by the Red Raiders’ AD they had ‘just cause’ to fire him.

    You’ve Been Struck By A Smooth Criminal …

    Alan Parkins

  3. Steve said

    What you fail to put into context is that
    1) This happened two days AFTER the concussion
    2) He WAS watched by three trainers
    3) Dude had his cell phone with him
    4) He had a chair. Want to know how I know? Because in that dumbasses video he took with his phone, there were two chairs in the room.

    You don’t have to apologize if you didn’t do anything. What was the “just cause”? He had to adhere to his contract….which he did.

  4. tophatal said


    And which of the three is a trained medical professional I ask ? They’re a bunch of idiots ! What they should’ve done was to have a medical professional check the kid out.

    Furthermore Leach himself has been less than truthful concerning this incident and several others concerning the treatment of his players which was noted by the Red Raiders’ AD in an interview given to ESPN.

    If you can’t see that the coaches have crossed a line in this case then certainly you’re entitled to that opinion. But this is more than about a player and a concussion. It goes way , way beyond that !

    Alan Parkins

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