Mike Leach suspended…and I just don’t care

December 29, 2009

Last night while attempting to watch some college football (Texas A&M getting routed by Georgia) followed by some NFL (The Vikings letting the end of their regular season deteriorate game by game) I was bombarded by ESPN updates about Texas Tech football and the recent suspension of head coach Mike Leach.  Let me begin my discussion of this topic by reiterating the sentiment put forth in the title of this post: I don’t care about Mike Leach or Texas Tech football.  I suppose it’s a big deal that a coach would lock a concussed player in an equipment closet for 3 hours, but I’m not sure that I needed to be informed of that fact 5-10 times over the course of a few hours.  Do I think the story deserved at least a mention?  Sure.  Would I have been more than happy to watch/listen to the same update 7 times if it were about Texas head coach Mack Brown?  Absolutely.  But the fact that it happened at a school that has been fighting to stay in the top 5 of a conference that lacks much depth in football (yeah, I said it.  The SEC and PAC 10 are way deeper than the Big 12 – certainly a discussion for another time) means it hardly garners much interest here.  My guess is that this type of incident happens much more frequently (and with grosser violation of proper health and safety measures) at programs across the country.  The fact that caught my attention in this story is that the player involved is the son of an ESPN football analyst.  Coincidence?  Sometimes getting the story out there is all about who you know…

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