1972 Dolphins are just waiting for the Colts to lose…

December 27, 2009

The sentiment is right there for all to see...

It makes me sick to here the entire team celebrating that some other team lost.  It would be okay if they were current players, but damn, you have not been relevant for almost 40 years.  You set a record.  You will always be the first one to do it.  But, your pompous celebrations make me root for anyone to break your record, so we don’t have to see you celebrate someone else’s failure. Snopes.com tracked down the rumor about the popping of champagne, but because they are haters, they do celebrate when others lose.

Riley, a member of that unbeaten Miami team, said the toast to perfection never occurs.

“That all got started by three guys, Garo Yepremian, Nick Buonticonti and Dick Anderson,” said Riley. “And they only did it one time.”

Despite the urban legend to the contrary, the 1972 ’Phins do not gather as a team, but Riley said the players continue to wish for the last-standing undefeated team to go down.

Maybe you remember the year before when the Cowboys kicked your ass?  I guess I will go back to celebrating that win…

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