Helpless at the Hospital: Why 2009 sucked so bad

December 24, 2009

Clearly a place you don't want to be....

I feel as though things close to me are under attack.

I spent yesterday morning in the hospital with my girlfriend, because she had to have her gall bladder removed.  She has been in pain for some time, so I should be happy that they are finally dealing with the problem and trying to provide her with some relief.  I really didn’t feel that way.  You look around in the waiting room and all you see is desperation and the feeling of being out of control.

don't forget the steering wheel has a fancy cover on it too!

It feels like going back in time when you were dependent on someone else for things. (For some of you, you still are…get a job and get out of your mothers attic or garage…)  That is the feeling of helplessness.  I know the doctors are talented, but I like to drive and this is one situation where you have to sit back and let someone else take the keys and it is not a good feeling.

Right now, people in my community are being felled by illness.  Just yesterday, the debate coach at Northwestern had a cardiac arrest issue and is in the ICU with a grim prognosis.  This is on top of the coach for Wake Forest passing, and I had just spent time with him on the forth of July and he seemed in good health and spirits, like I am used to seeing him.

If anything, take this time to value the people around you since time is not promised.  Let me take the time to shout out my parents and say that I am a horrible son, but love you guys lots.  Also, to friends that may read this, I appreciate you tremendously, even if we don’t talk a lot.  I care about you and hope that the holiday spirit is good.  In 2009, we have lost too much, from friends to entertainers like MJ, Brittney Murphy, and Patrick Swayze.  Let’s hope for a better 2010

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