Don’t run your mouth: Jersey Shore edition

December 20, 2009

Guidos and Guidettes

Poor Snookie gets punched on MTV’s Jersey Shore. Snookie what were you thinking??? You obviously are not a reader of TooOld. If you were you would have known not to run your mouth especially to drunk A–holes. But you’re also “I”talian so you should have already known this. So what prompted the jabba-jaws? Must have been the free drinks MTV provides to all the cast members. Just because I like you girl I’m gonna blame MTV. You file the lawsuit and I’ll provide the…well, nothing really. But good luck!!!

You even made it on Conan O’Brien.

One Response to “Don’t run your mouth: Jersey Shore edition”

  1. Erik said

    As per Conan, I went to see what my Jersey Shore Name would be. The generator only spits out a dozen or so names, but the first one it gave me was “E-Tan.” I don’t think that the Guido lifestyle is for me…

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