Royce White leaves the University of Minnesota Basketball team

December 17, 2009

Local boy stays home and doesn't play for the Gophers

This is what the USA Today and ESPN are reporting.
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Prized recruit Royce White says he’s leaving the Minnesota basketball team because of his legal troubles and the stress they are causing his family and the program.

White makes the announcement in a video posted on YouTube early Thursday called, “Royce White — Last Interview.”

White is currently indefinitely suspended from the team while police investigate the theft of a laptop computer from a dorm room in November. White says he’s innocent.

However, he says the investigation has been stressful for his family and the program, so he’s quitting. He says he has no plans to transfer to another school.

The 6-8, 250-pound forward was Minnesota’s top recruit last season. He hasn’t been practicing with the team while suspended.

A university spokesman says the team had no comment.

This another reason why college athletes should be paid. Simple things that are not provided (like clothes to fit in more) from a scholarship can cause you to attempt to get what you want. (Obviously not a justification to rob and steal, since there are the vast majority that might not have things, but do not go out and rob for them)  The laptop thing seems overblown.  They are clearly sweating him for no good reason.

This situation and the Tennessee football incident with N’Keese Richardson and the holdup should be more reason to look into the Billion with a B dollar industry that less than one percent of the athletes will go on to earn money in that field (whether it is football or basketball) The schools are getting rich off the backs of it’s student athletes. Why not set up a trust fund for those athletes that trigger when they get their diploma? That way, you encourage school and balance riches. You can even dole out bits of it during the year, with the majority of it coming with successful completion of steps to earn the degree. If you can leave early to the NBA, you can get paid, or if you graduate, you can get a little nest egg to get your life started on the right foot.

It would never happen, because it makes sense and the fatcats don’t want to give up their loot…

Good luck to you, whether it’s overseas or in the NBDL.

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