Have a baby by me: Music from 50 Cent that Tiger Woods should listen to

December 17, 2009



I know your wife wants a divorce. That is the word on the street, according to the media.  If it is true, you should grant it to her.  You will be better off in the end.  Alex Rodriguez is all the proof you need.  Here is a guy who was caught up in the BALCO scandal, admitted to being a juicer and had an affair while he was married with little kids.

He had to know that people were watching. At least you took precautions Tiger. Plus the look on his face is that he knows that he is in for a freaky evening. Poor guy...I would trade places with him to save him from that horrible fate that he is about to face.

He was able to overcome this.  First, his team did some winning.  Winning in your field will always win back the fans.  Second, get in front of the story.  You are going to have to do Oprah or Barbara Walters, like I told you here earlier.

Now, the news is out that Oprah is reaching out to Tiger.

She can repair your image. Get the big O behind you

Third, be a good father.  Visit your kids.  Wherever in the world they are, you have the money to get there.  If that means you play less golf, then that is what it means.  The sponsors will be behind you, and your kids should be your first priority in your life.

Do those things and you can have all the tail you can chase.  No one will care and in some eyes, it will only raise your stature.  Look at Hef.

Hef's new side pieces...Crystal Harris, and like only Hef could do, twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon

this is what he kicked to the curb…

old news to Hef...Bridget Marquardt, Kendra Wilkinson(now Baskett) and Holly Madison

so, it really doesn’t matter.  As long as you play your brand of golf, you will be fine.  It may not find you love, but you have your kids and golf for a long, long time.

You might be saying to yourself, I am not Hef.  You are right, no one is.  You you can capture the essence.  Look at AROD.  He went to Madonna, for some age and experience and then moved on to Kate Hudson.

and then he left this...so it does get better...

You can finally go to Jessica Simpson as you rebound, since that is what the gossip rags are reporting.  If you did, I would not be mad at you.  She may not be smart, but she is good looking…

According to the ladies, you could show her a good time

The words of Fifty should be rolling in your head, while you are kicking it on your yacht…

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