E’s song of the day

December 17, 2009

Hey there readers/listeners.  I missed yesterday because I’ve been sick and, hence, kept falling asleep after I got home from work.  I think I’m going to take a sick day tomorrow because things don’t seem to be improving.  I’m still on that Christmas music tip, but, since I missed yesterday, I’ll include a second song today of non-holiday origin.  First up, this one may be my favorite new find among the holiday music genre.  Not to say that it is a “new” song, but new to me.  And what a badass jam it is!  Jam one: Bill Withers – The Gift of Giving.  Enjoy….

So, you’ll notice that there is no video or link for that song.  This is because the internet does not possess one.  It is rare that I cannot find a song on at least one of the various video sites or from freenapster.com, but sometimes it does happen.  It is quite a shame, because this particular tune really is something special.  It can be found on the album “Ultimate Soul Christmas” or, if you are a friend of the blog, feel free to hit me up for a copy of my new Christmas mix.  Either way, because I couldn’t immediately provide this jam, I’ll break you off with another Christmas tune from my new mix, and we’ll stay within the soul genre.  The actual jam one: The Temptations – Silent Night.  Enjoy….

Next up, a song from my queue which has waited patiently while I dropped some holiday tunes over the last several days. I can’t even recall where, exactly, I picked this one up (not: it was NOT from Grey’s Anatomy, as the video might suggest.  Maybe from Friday Night Lights..), but it’s a pretty smooth little tune.  Jam two: Great Northern – Driveway.  Enjoy….

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