Annoying things that people say – part 2

December 17, 2009

THere is nothing "cool" about a fucking bean

On Thanksgiving I blogged about an annoying phrase used during that holiday that just really bothers me.  I mentioned, at the time, that I would like to turn that piece into a semi-regular segment about annoying things that people say, and I’m happy to announce its triumphant return.  Today’s annoying phrase:

“Cool Beans”

I suppose some of you out there think that the use of this term might be perceived as “cute” or even “endearing.”  This is part of what makes you a moron.  This phrase is “cute” in the same way that using baby talk or pretending to be a kitten is cute.  Guys put up with their lady-friends behaving in such a manner because they have learning to pick their battles with more important issues.  However, do not misconstrue our decision to remain silent in the face of such blatantly annoying behavior with acceptance.  This type of “cutesy” talk will only be tolerated for so long.  According to, “cool beans” is a slang term popularized in the late 60’s / early 70’s used to express approval.  While checking out the various entries in Urban Dictionary, I came across this gem, that mirrors my own thoughts on the phrase:

Cool Beans

A phrase popularized in the 1980’s by U.S. teenage females who were viewers of the American sitcom “Full House.”  For some yet unknown reason these persons found the show entertaining and decided to emulate actress Candace Cameron whose character repeated the phrase incessantly on the show.

The phrase then spread like a virus, infecting the vernacular of people of older and younger generations regardless of gender…these people were born without the ability to discern that this phrase was, to put it in the parlance of our current times, “fucking stupid.”

This is one of the more annoying moments in an already un-funny film, “Hot Rod.”

There isn’t much more I’d like to add to my little rant about this phrase (to talk too much on the subject is to give it more legitimacy than it deserves).  I will simply conclude by saying that if you think this phrase is fun, cute or in any way likely to induce an emotion other than irritation, PLEASE, for the love of God, reconsider your thought process.  Acceptable alternatives include (to name a few):

Cool.  Nice.  Tight.  Right on.  Far out.  Awesome.  Sweet.

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