Get me a J.P. Losman jersey STAT! Oakland Raiders sign new QB

December 16, 2009

J.P. in the UFL...Hopefully he can be like Shane Falco in the Replacements

None too soon, I might add.   This is an article that discusses that Losman should go to the Jets.  But, it applies to the Raiders too.  What Losman does well, Al Davis wants to do, which is throw the ball long.  If we are to cover up the mistake of drafting Hey Ba-baby in the club

we need to turn him into Warren Wells or this guy.

Cliff Branch, Raiders great for those of you too young to know...

Joyner bases his opinion on Losman’s highly proficient long-ball acumen and the Jets’ need for a quarterback to effectively stretch the field, one of the chief reasons they acquired Favre to begin with.

For Losman, we will use numbers from 2006, his last full season as a starter. Yes, that was two years ago, but any sampling from the past two seasons would be too small. Plus, he turns 28 in March and hasn’t dealt with any sort of long-term injury recovery.

Brett Favre vs. J.P. Losman By the Numbers
Favre 2008 Route Depth Att Comp Yds TD INT Pen Pen Yds YPA
Medium (11-19 yards) 80 43 755 5 4 2 10 9.3
Deep (20-29 yards) 35 13 318 5 5 3 48 9.6
Bomb (30 plus yards) 21 4 196 2 4 2 14 9.1
Total 136 60 1269 12 13 7 72 9.4
Losman 2006 Route Depth Att Comp Yds TD INT Pen Pen Yds YPA
Medium (11-19 yards) 62 29 455 2 4 2 10 7.3
Deep (20-29 yards) 25 13 298 2 4 0 0 11.9
Bomb (30 plus yards) 30 12 615 8 1 3 83 21.2
Total 117 54 1368 12 9 5 93 12.0

Losman in 2006 posted impeccable stats in a category Joyner calls “vertical passing.” It takes into account what happens when the ball is thrown farther than 10 yards and includes receiving yardage plus penalty yardage (interference, illegal contact, defensive holding).

Losman averaged 12.0 yards per vertical attempt. Joyner considers any average above 10 yards to be efficient, while the league leader each year generally is around 13 yards.

Favre’s vertical passing average last year was 9.4 yards. But what stood out to Joyner in his research was how Favre fared on bombs (passes of 30 yards or longer): He completed 4 of 21 attempts with two penalties for 196 yards, two touchdowns and four interceptions.

“You need to be able to put the fear of God into defenses,” Joyner said. “If you’re only going to complete 4 of 21 bombs, the defense is not going to respect you downfield.

This is the problem that the Raiders are having with JaMarus Russell.  That and he got paid and doesn’t care that he is going to be a flop and put a stain on black QB’s.  He has to remember that it isn’t too long ago that Akili Smith was doing damage to black QB’s

“Losman will drop back and chuck it. I don’t think Brett Favre has the arm to throw it like Losman does.”

Losman completed 13 of 30 bomb attempts with three penalties for 615 yards, eight touchdowns and one interception.

Clemens last saw significant playing time in 2007 and averaged 9.3 yards on vertical passes. Joyner also points out that Clemens threw 10 interceptions on 250 attempts, but also had 14 near-interceptions (passes that should have been picked off but weren’t).

“Losman would beat Clemens out for the starting spot if they had an open competition,” said Joyner, who hosts a weekly chat at 4 p.m. each Thursday.

You could change that to say “Losman would beat out Russell if they had an open competition.  That is also assuming that Losman didn’t know the offense, because Russell hasn’t shown that he knows it either.

Where Losman has trouble is when he’s ordered to be a game manager, but Joyner can’t understand why Buffalo asks its quarterbacks to harness the offense when it has a weapon like receiver Lee Evans.

“He has Hall of Famer vertical abilities,” Joyner said. “If Lee Evans were in Dallas, we would be talking right now about him going to Canton. But in Buffalo they use Edwards as a dinker and dunker, just like they tried to do with Losman.

“You just let this guy [Losman] sit back there and throw the ball vertical. He’s productive and he’s not going to make mistakes. That’s what he is.”

Hopefully, this works.  I remember a guy in the past that Al let do that.  This might be going back in the History books, but that is what I am, a History Teacher.

Daryle Lamonica a.k.a. The Mad Bomber...come home, we need you!

Or, what about this guy?  He meets the profile.  1st round draft pick that has been around the league.  Failed in his first stop and became reborn when he got to the Raiders and played QB.

I forgive you that you went to Stanford. You led us well with the Raiders

For the younger set who only think of him as the host of the pre and post game show.

James W. “Jim” Plunkett (born December 5, 1947 in San Jose, California) is a former American football quarterback who played college football for Stanford University, where he won the Heisman Trophy, and professionally for three National Football League teams: the New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers and Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders. He led the Raiders to two Super Bowl victories (XV and XVIII). He is the only retired quarterback to start, and win, two Super Bowls who is not also in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

This is a guy who did not let failure weigh him down.  Losman can do the same.

One Response to “Get me a J.P. Losman jersey STAT! Oakland Raiders sign new QB”

  1. Erik said

    The signing of Losman is interesting (especially coming off of a victory in the UFL Championship), but I think this post misses the REAL news about the Raiders QB situation, and that is the bump up of Charlie Frye from practice squad QB to starter, with JaMarcus at #2 and Losman at #3. I still think Davis/Cable like Gradkowski going forward, but until he recovers from the dual MCL injuries, it looks like Frye is our guy.

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