12 year old girl raped DURING SCHOOL HOURS at Portola Junior High School. What the HELL is going on in our home community and more importantly, WHAT THE HELL is wrong with children these days?

December 15, 2009

Marvin, give us some guidance please!

Ronin sent this to me this morning and just like I imagine it will do to you, it turned my day sideways.  So I decided to turn to Marvin to get some answers.

Girl, 12, allegedly raped at El Cerrito school

Michael Cabanatuan, Chronicle Staff Writer

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

(12-14) 18:43 PST EL CERRITO — A 14-year-old boy was charged Monday with raping a 12-year-old girl in the stairwell of an El Cerrito middle school, and the principal and vice principal have been placed on administrative leave while police and school officials investigate the alleged crime.

El Cerrito police will focus their investigation on the alleged sexual assault, while West Contra Costa Unified School District officials look into how such a crime could have occurred on the Portola Middle School campus during the school day, officials said.

How could this happen during the day?  More importantly, what was going through this young mans head? (allegedly, since we do not have all the facts…)  Why didn’t this happen when we were going to school, since we had a lot of the same stimulations that they have now? (like video games, rated R movies, Playboy and Hustler,  which I could buy at the corner liquor store)

The boy allegedly raped the girl about 2:40 p.m. Thursday at the school at 1021 Navellier St., police Cmdr. Michael Regan said.

The stairwell was empty because class was in session, he said. The two students, who apparently know each other, had passes or reasons not to be in class, he said. He declined to discuss other details of the alleged assault.

This is the only reason why I preach wait until all the facts are known.  In my heart of hearts, I am hoping that they knew each other, wanted to get down and were caught by the other student.  She panicked and she came up with the story.  Chances are that isn’t the case, but in a bad situation, that would make it better, only in the sense that she wasn’t violated.  Age of consent with children is a slippery thing, but at least IF she made the choice, then it obviously isn’t the same as having that choice ripped away from you.

Another student who entered the stairwell and witnessed the incident reported it to a school resources officer, Regan said.

Police arrested the suspect at his home in Richmond about 8 p.m. Thursday. He was booked into juvenile hall in Martinez and charged Monday with rape and false imprisonment.

Of course, he had to be from Richmond.  I bet the local news will do their best to highlight that fact.  Now, I know I did it, but that is out of the loathing that I had of the media to do it.  I guess I beat them to the punch.  But, Ronin and I are from Richmond, and our boys never did something like this…

I go back to the parents, but I blame the system too.  If parents were in control of their children and showed them love, respect, and the fear of the belt, then this ish wouldn’t happen.  This is one time that I am not kidding.  Watch the first two minutes and see what I mean.

My mother was a single mother and things worked out. Why?  It wasn’t just luck.  It was that the block looked out for me and raised me when my mother or family wasn’t around.  If I was over Ronin’s house and we were outside playing and we did something, then the Hills (his neighbors) would come outside and scold us, or give us the hand to the backside, and then would take us home to face another beating.  There was no debate, you had to right to speak or a phone call.  It made me wise to not doing things that led to a beating.

Parents can clearly go too far.  There is such a thing a child abuse.  But, if you are getting whipped on your @$$ and legs for something you did, I bet you wouldn’t do it again, or you did the calculus and decided that the beating was worth whatever you did.  Either way, justice had been served.  We need to get back to that, but the block aint the same.  People are not looking out for each other like they did just twenty years ago.

Marin Trujillo, a spokesman for the school district, said principal Denise VanHook and assistant principal Matthew Burnham had been placed on paid administrative leave, in keeping with a district policy adopted after the recent gang rape outside Richmond High School’s homecoming dance.

“The purpose is to allow an investigation to take place,” Trujillo said.

I don’t know either administrator, but what is sending them home going to do?  It’s not like they are trying to cover it up.  The Richmond High Administration did not try to cover it up either.  Do you really think that they are going to be in the way?  They may have connections to students that can HELP solve the crime.

Investigators will look into why the students were not in class, what plans existed to supervise them, and why those plans were not followed.

“We’re shocked that this could have happened during school hours,” Trujillo said.

VanHook, reached at home Monday night, said she could not comment, and that she had not been apprised of the investigation’s findings or progress.

“I’m in the dark as much as you are,” she said.

E-mail Michael Cabanatuan at mcabanatuan@sfchronicle.com

I think that we are all in dark….Marvin, prey for us…This is the ish that gets me mad, and feeling helpless.  What could we do to stop this from happening again?

3 Responses to “12 year old girl raped DURING SCHOOL HOURS at Portola Junior High School. What the HELL is going on in our home community and more importantly, WHAT THE HELL is wrong with children these days?”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    This year the site supervisors are on campus every day, all students must wear an ID tag and are sent home immediately if they don’t have it. Also, Students are not allowed in the halls while classes are in session and not allowed inside the school before or after school. They are also not allowed in the building during lunch time. Parents started a safety patrol at lunch time and the rec center has supervised activities during both lunch periods.-From Parent of student at PJHS
    The same day this incident happened the PTSA provided lunch for the entire faculty and there was a general assembly for the students on the subject of respect for one another.
    Overall there is only so much the schools can do. Good behavior has got to start at home (like Steve says) but something tells me there is more to this story than an all-out aggressive rape. Either way the Press needs to back away from the police blotters and let the district and law enforcement handle this as respectfully as can be done for sake of the victim.
    My only question is why were the Principal and V.P. forced on paid leave? Why would the district immediately point the finger or pass-the-buck. How could facts surface so fast that they were possibly at fault. Sounds like another lawsuit.

  2. Ronin Storm said

    I think I found my answer about why the Principal and VP were asked to leave…

    He said El Cerrito police have had problems in the past with the administration of Portola Middle School. “The principal and vice principal have shown a pattern of unwillingness to report criminal
    activity on the campus, and thought it was more appropriate to handle it with disciplinary actions at the school,”


  3. guenivere said

    I read the article this morning as well. Besides anger that this could happen on a school campus, which should be one of the safest places that children can go, I am also sick to my stomach. I sincerely hope that the school provides the students, teachers, parents, etc. with support counselors during this time.

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