IPHONE users get Rickrolled by virus…another reason to hate the IPHONE

December 14, 2009

never going to let you go IPHONE SUCKERS!

IPHONE are usually for hipsters, which makes it unappealing.  Plus, I want an actual keyboard to do my typing/texting my many jumpoffs…Another reason to hate on the IPHONE.

The first real-world iPhone cyber-attack has shown its face. And that face belongs to 1980s pop star Rick Astley.

Over the weekend, researchers at cybersecurity firms Sophos and F-Secure detected the world’s first active iPhone worm, spreading among Apple smart phone users in Australia. Only users who have “jailbroken” their phones — altered them to run applications not authorized by Apple — are vulnerable, and among those, only those who failed to change their default password for a secure shell (SSH) application that allows file transfers between smart phones.

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