Hoes on the loose from the Tiger Woods Zoo

December 11, 2009

with thanks to Bill Simmons for help with the title.

See, more attention seeking hoes popping up...but she kept her mouth shut, so that is something positive in her favor.

See, Tiger, hoes are going to try to capitalize on your fame. Radio show personality Meredith Walusek is the one  holding a sign reading, ‘Tiger- They offered me $500,000- I’m keeping my mouth shut!”, in front of a gate to the Isleworth community where Tiger Woods has a home on December 2, 2009 in Windermere, Florida.

All she wants is ratings. (Unless you really chopped her down, then she is a down @$$ chickenhead)  She is willing to use your problems to raise her stature up.  But that isn’t shocking to me.  Here are some of the latest to step up and claim that you chopped the backs down.

Another silicone injected porn star. Tiger living the life.....

Now Tiger even has a woman claiming that he “used” her hoe services when she was operating. (Wouldn’t it be delicious irony if she got popped for pimping and pandering, since she is copping to the crime?)  The Vancouver Sun gives a small list of the attention seeking women

The list of women Woods is alleged to have slept with includes personal concierge Rachel Uchitel, reality TV wannabe Jaimee Grubbs, VIP hostess Kalika Moquin, minimum wage waitress Mindy Lawton, New York party girl Cori Rist, Vegas lingerie model Jamie Jungers, porn star Holly Sampson, and three-way porn specialist Joslyn James.

They continue…

Also on Thursday, Hollywood madam Michelle Braun has claimed in the New York Daily News that Woods was a regular client, spending more than $60,000 on dalliances with Junger, Sampson and Playboy model Loredana Jolie. If Braun is to be believed, Woods liked to play the back nine in parties of three.

At least this is the type that you whould be banging out. But, for a man of your stature to pay for it...and then have the trust broken is a disgrace.

Like the old saying goes, ” You don’t pay a prostitute for sex….you pay her to leave when you are done.”  But you also pay for the discretion of the action and your business.  The prostitute/John relationship is tantamount to priest/parishioner relationship…you should not spill the beans about anything.

That is what this world is coming to...

What must she be unwilling to do to satisfy his sexual appetite?

Did she stop putting out after the kids?

Whatever it was, this is another fine mess  you got us into.  It is going to take some time, but you are doing right by NOT SAYING ANYTHING!

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