Jamie Jungers goes on National TV to apologize and prove to people that she is a two bit prostitute with a heart of gold….

December 10, 2009

Jamie, this is your dream, but you are a lingerie model... you are a dime a dozen. Tiger used you and you are famous for all the wrong reasons. Enjoy your fame while it lasts. Plus, the pennies on the dollar you got from the magazines are not going to last...

except this isn’t Pretty Woman and she is not Julia Roberts (because she does not have a horse face and is not rich)

In a few years, you will be back to modelling at car shows...but at least you apologized...

Some of the jumpoffs are talking, trying to extend their moment in the sun.  The thing that I don’t understand is that don’t they know all they are really doing is coming off looking like tramps and skanks?  YOU SLEPT WITH A MARRIED MAN!  Yes, Tiger has a lot of fault in this.  Just like some movie I was forced to see, the main character says, “Love should have brought your @$$ home last night.

But, it takes two to tango.  The jumpoffs knew he was married, so don’t be shocked…The Herald Sun brings to light the claims of another one of his alleged conquests, Jamie Jungers.

LINGERIE model Jamie Jungers yesterday said of ex-lover Tiger: “He deserves everything he gets.”

Eighteen months into their wild fling, she claimed she ended it racked with guilt about his wife.

Blonde Jungers, 26, said: “People are getting to see he’s not the great family-oriented guy everyone thought he was.”

This might seems naive of me, but if you were so wracked with guilt over that you were a willing participant with a married man for him to have an affair, why didn’t you make this apology when you “ended” the affair? Why are we finding out about this “affair” now? It seems as though you are in asset acquisition mode. Signs of Blue Star Airlines all over again…

Tiger did what?!?! Sell, SELL, SELL! Wait, with who? She is a shank....hold for now

She claims he flew her all over America to satisfy his three-times-a-night lust during tournaments.

She said the golf ace wanted sex on demand and loved dirty phone chats with her.

She said: “The sex was amazing, just crazy. It got better the more we saw each other. He was amazing in bed.”

They romped in a hotel room hours after meeting, just eight months after his 2005 wedding.

She claims that afterwards, she asked him: “You just got married. Is it going OK?

“He said, ‘Yes, it’s fine, she (Elin) is in Sweden with her family’.”

So, here is where she admits to knowing that he is married and she has weighed the consequences of her actions.  She didn’t care then and just wanted to know what Tiger thought.  He was thinking with the Little General, so he was all good with her being a party to his affair.

She alleged that days ago she was offered cash by Woods’ team to stop her selling her story,

Another of Tiger’s mistresses, porn starlet Holly Sampson, 26, said: “He’s like the whitest black boy you’ve ever met in your life. His teeth are perfect and he’s a perfect gentleman. He likes blondes.”

We all wish we had teachers like this...

Why does this make him white? Black people can’t have good teeth and manners?  And who doesn’t like blondes?  But, Holly, you are not a blonde.  I don’t know if the curtains match the drapes, but the roots above seems to tell a different story.  This proves that you are doing the only thing that you are good at, which is being used as a sex rag doll.  Hopefully people will buy your porn tapes.  I won’t because I will continue to download clips or bootlegs. But, you are a racist, so I would do dirty things to you and laugh…

It was alleged yesterday that days before 33-year-old Woods publicly confessed to adultery, his agents also offered to pay off the woman who lifted the lid on his lurid double life.

Ashley Samson yesterday told the National Enquirer, which broke the story with her claims two weeks ago: “His people offered me $200,000 to change my story. I said I would not lie for Tiger because the truth is the truth.”

another skank that wants the loot...look at how she cahsed the dude from Bones....

British media yesterday named TV presenter and former pin-up Kirsty Gallacher, a household name there, as a friend of Tiger’s.

I need more friends like this...

She is now married and pregnant. But in an interview several years ago when she was single, she described him as “wonderful, kind and talented – not to mention incredibly handsome”.

She added: “Whenever he’s over here, he gives me a call.”

You can see why he called.  I would too….Tiger now has a ton of haters, but they are not going to be able to stop him…

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