CATFIGHT! Lamar Odom’s women fight…Claudia Jordan and Khloe Kardashian beefing!

December 10, 2009

Clearly the winner in the looks department

and this isn’t beef to eat…I went over to and saw this story.

Khloe and Lamar’s ex jump off, Claudia Jordan, had an exchange of words at a Hollyweird party and from what we hear, it wasn’t pretty.  More details on the flipside. Claudia and Khloe, who roll in the same social circles, found themselves in a face to face, verbal altercation at a friend’s home during a small party.  We hear that Khloe went hard on Claudia and damn near made her cry.  But we hear that Claudia had it coming to her because she instigated the whole fight.  Claudia arrived first and then Khloe came in after her, solo.

They initially tried to ignore each other but all hell broke loose when Claudia was heard saying “I can’t believe he left me for a MAN” and “Oh, well… I guess big girls need love, too!” It wasn’t too long before Khloe heard about Claudia talking behind her back and approached her on it. She told her if she wanted to talk trash about her, Don’t do it behind her back! We hear curses and tempers flared as the two went at it. After a while we heard Claudia disappeared.

and once I read it, I said to myself, damn I have been saying the same thing here and here. Postdrama took it one step further and made the Chyna comparisons and pictures

Damn, they do look a lot alike...

Lamar might have married Chyna.  But, Khloe has been looking run down and haggard, like all the attention she so desperately carved is catching up with her.   I hope the pre-nup allows easy access out when you wake up and discovered you married a man.

Plus, Claudia was funny.  I don’t think that Chyna could have come up with jokes like this.  It is a product of the inner-city lifestyle she never lived.

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